big four's war chests threatenned - howdle Industry reaction to Ofcom increasing charges for UK MNOs

Don’t want their war chests diminished

More than a little bad news for the UK’s four MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] now that the industry watchdog, Ofcom, has decided to publish its recommendations. Basically, the UK government is keen to extract as much money as it thinks feasible out of MNOs for use of the airwaves. This process has been going on since 2010 and as Ofcom admits, its remit is to revise the fees MNOs pay “to reflect full market value.” The net effect is that the MNOs will see their joint annual bill rise from around £64.4 million currently to £199.3 million. Obviously the Big Four aren’t too happy with this prospect. As Dan Howdle of commented, “They [MNOs] won’t want their war chests diminished.” Continue reading

lars_houbak2 Mobilethink solving Africa’s $6 billion cloned device dilemma

Press release

With 10-20% of mobile devices coming into a network being cloned or counterfeit mobiles, Mobilethink’s automatic device detection and upsell solution is now must-have technology for African carriers to generate revenues from potentially banned smartphones; solution will be showcased at AfricaCom 2015 in Cape Town in November

September 29th 2015 Spirent Communications‘ device intelligence business unit Mobilethink has announced that it will use AfricaCom 2015 as the springboard to show African carriers how to end the current cloned device nightmare on their networks and to either block or engage with users. Continue reading

Ofcom sets new annual licence fees for mobile spectrum

Press release

September 24th 2015. UK telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, has published revised annual fees for mobile operators, determining the amount of money they must pay to use certain parts of mobile spectrum. The Government directed Ofcom in 2010 to revise these fees to reflect full market value.1 The fees are paid annually by mobile network operators for the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum bands, which they use to provide voice and data services using a mix of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. Continue reading

apple's forte is big innovations - francis Comment on iPhone 6s’ release today’s Abby Francis on 3D Touch, Live Photos and memory upgrade

As Apple fanbois worldwide wait eagerly in queues [lines] today [September 25th 2015] to purchase the very latest Apple smartphone – the iPhone 6s, Abby Francis – mobiles expert with has been kind enough to share her views on this product release with us. The main new features she highlights include 3D Touch; front-facing and rear camera improvements/Live Photos; and the upgrade to 2GB of memory. Abby Francis reckons that, “Apple’s forte is making innovations bigger, better and of course, mainstream.” A bit like Apple final embracement of NFC, then. Plus Huawei announced its version of 3D Touch earlier in September [2015], of course. Continue reading

Malwarebytes reacts to Cinese iTunes attack

Bit worrying that XcodeGhost is almost undetectable

In the wake of the news here that Chinese hackers had managed to infiltrate mainstream apps posted on the official Apple iTunes App Store, Thomas Reed, director of Mac offerings with software security experts, Malwarebytes, has shared his reactions to the XcodeGhost outbreak. According to Reed, the attach is “the largest app store breach in history and anyone using iOS or OS X could potentially be affected.” He also gives some insights into why Apple has so far provided little guidance on how consumers could spot if they are running an affected app. Reed says it appears to be a form of dynamic library hijacking, where apps dynamically load libraries of code that they look for in one of multiple locations. “It’s hard for any user to be on guard against this kind of malware. Especially on iOS, where security features in the system make anti-malware software impossible,” Reed added. Continue reading

colao unphased by malone sabre rattling Liberty Global/Vodafone deal seems a No-No

Vittorio ain’t going to be pushed around by John

The general consensus of opinion is that a deal to combine John Malone’s Liberty Global with Vittorio Colao’s Vodafone in order to offer that Holy Grail of a decent fourplay [quad-play] in Europe has almost certainly unravelled. The combination of the two comms giants would make a great deal of sense if you believe that fourplay is the way to go. Here at GoMo News we don’t think it is such a brill idea, of course. Anyway, Vodafone has got a very good mobile presence in the major EU markets such as Germany and Spain – plus the UK, naturally. And Liberty Global now control Virgin Media which has a key position in the supply of digital TV. But the financial hurdles are too great, it seems. Continue reading

Tweakker’s Fit4Market scores coup with US handset vendor

Software helps both smartphone vendors & MNOs save money

As something of a breakthrough for cellular software specialist – Tweakker (which incidentally is now part of Spirent Communications), the company has just signed a deal with a  US-based handset supplier – Sky Devices. The product which Sky will be embedding into the OS of its Android based smartphones is called Fit4Market. The enormous advantage to employing Fit4Market is that it helps any handset maker to supply its smartphones into an enormous range of M & MV  networks worldwide which utilise the GSM cellular standard. So in the USA that means AT&T plus T-Mobile. In effect, Tweakker’s software removes the onerous burden of testing an Android smartphones against local mobile network operators (MNOs) or mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). settings. As one happy Tweakker user put it – using Fit4Market is a no-brainer for all levels of handset suppliers. Continue reading

all OEMs should embed - poulsen New carrier-agnostic embedded connectivity app fuels Sky Devices global growth plans

Tweakker’s Fit4Market application from Spirent Communication accelerates the OEM’s time to new markets, eliminates costly field testing

Press release

September 15th 2015. Spirent Communications‘ device intelligence business unit - Tweakker, has announced that it has entered into a global supply agreement with mobile phone manufacturer, Sky Devices.  As a part of this agreement, the Tweakker‘s Fit4Market instant connectivity app will be embedded into every new Android smartphone to be built by Sky Devices. Continue reading

almunia - previously nodded thru EU MNO mergers 4G delays may aid 3UK’s O2 bid

EU previously argued Europe had too many MNOs

According to recent reports, the conditions imposed on two Danish MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] by the European Commission were so onerous that the companies – Telenor and TeliaSonera, have decided to pull out of the planned merger. Therefore, some observers are arguing, the proposed deal to merge two UK MNOs – Three UK (3UK) and O2 will suffer the same fate. Or will it? GoMo News would argue that the proposed British merger would follow the EU’s own previously expressed opinions – namely that the roll out of high speed mobile broadband (ie 4G) was slower in Europe than in the USA and elsewhere precisely because there were  too many MNOs compared to the States Big Four operators. This could prove a very useful weapon in 3UK’s hands. Continue reading