garena's forrest li Links between Canada & Asean continue to grow

Smartphone maker BlackBerry started it, of course

There seems to be an increasing bond between Canada and the South East Asian[Asean] region. Here’s an interesting example: -the Ontario Teachers’ pension Plan has just decided to invest in a Singapore-based company called Garena. What does it do? Well, it provides a heady mix of gaming, social media and – increasingly more importantly, m-commerce. The Canadians at least have recognised the potential of the SEAN market which has two key benefits: – a large population (620 million) and a reliance on cellular technology to access the Net. And Blackberry led the way with the introduction of its Z3 Jakarta model – aimed specifically at the Indonesian market. Continue reading

ikea home spot Qi wireless charging gets boost from Ikea

And even Apple is onboard for a change

What a gift for Qi – the emerging standard for wireless charging from the Wireless Power Consortium. What’s that? An announced tie up between the Swedish cost-competitive furniture maker – Ikea and world No. 1 smartphone maker, Samsung. It’s instantly put Qi on the map. There are currently over 80 Qi-enabled smartphones out there from names such as Apple, Nokia, HTC and LG as well as Samsung. This news comes on top of the news that (in the UK, for example) both McDonald’s and Starbuck intend to introduce wireless charging points (Qi compatible) in selected retail outlets. So no more searching for a mains outlet for your phone charger. Continue reading

Aeromobile_inflight Almost one year on for missing Malaysian flight MH370

More pointers that mobile phone calls could hold the key

We are fast approaching the first anniversary [March 8th 2014] of the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370. It seems that a new theory is beginning to take hold which is completely contrary to the view advocated by GoMo News in – ‘Missing flight MH370 mobile phone records need to be checked.’ As reader Yuval has put it – “The phone calls issue holds the truth.” However, Yuval believes the opposite to us – namely that there was no cellular activity amongst the crew/passengers after entering Gate C1. He argues that the two Iranian passengers “were hard at work on their devices’ keypads as controling something. Maybe disturbing communications.” In complete contrast, we think that efforts were made to make calls from the stricken flight. Continue reading

- clemmer Apple’s NFC supplier NXP to merge with Freescale

Ex-Philips firm to combine with ex-Motorola one

Probably best known in the mobile industry as the provider of NFC chips for Apple’s first Near Field Communication handset – the iPhone 6, NXP Semiconductors is set to merge with another chip specialist. The target is Freescale which is a former division of former mobile giant – Motorola. NXP itself was once part of the Dutch Philips Group. The driver behind this particular move? GoMo News thinks it is almost certainly related to the growing buzz around the Internet of Things [IoT] – formerly known as M2M [Machine-to-Machine] communications. NXP’s merger with Freescale creates a group which has a market capitalisation of roughly $40 billion. Continue reading

tony dennis with founder bena roberts. We waz turned down too Tiger Mobiles exposes Den of inequality

Beeb’s Dragons’ Den TV show lets down most participants

There’s nothing better to concentrate your mind than rejection. Which is exactly what happened to Tiger Mobiles, a smartphone comparison site, which unsuccessfully applied to appear on the Beeb’s [BBC's] Dragons’ Den TV show in 2008. The show gets angel investors [Dragons] to offer investment to budding new enterprises. Smarting from its put down, Tiger has performed analysis of all 143 businesses that successfully were awarded cash on the show between series 1 and 11. It found that even winning doesn’t guarantee success because only £5.8 million of the £13 million pledged was ever invested. But why should that bother a quasi-governmental UK body such as the Beeb? Continue reading

evil_goat Punch Through Design offers Bluetooth controlled evil eyes

Never mind evil monkey, check this goat out

The guys at Punch Through Design (PTD) obviously must have been seriously out of it to have devised a way of using their technology as off-the-wall as the Fluffy Murder Mystery video. Basically this features a toy goat fitted with evil eyes which can be controlled via a simple iPhone [iOS] app. The hook is that the Chinese New Year [last Thursday, February 19th 2015] celebrates the Year of the Goat. So what did the guys at PTD do? Well, they used a low cost LightBlue Bean microprocessor, and two common LEDs plus several resistors to create a toy goat with LED eyes that are controlled via Bluetooth and iOS. How bizarre. Continue reading

GSMA cuts back on hacks attending MWC 2015

Is this wise Captain Mainwearing?

News has reached us here @ GoMo Towers that a number of former hacks have been turned down for Press accreditation at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The reason seems to be that writing isn’t their ‘prime activity’. Which seems fare enough given that everybody else has to pay – even if they have their own blog. However, this sets a dangerous precedent for both journalists and exhibitors alike. It seems that the show’s organisers – the GSMA are overlooking a prime rule for publicity. There’s no such thing as Bad Press. The worst thing that can happen is if no-one writes anything about a particular event. This kind of behaviour has happened before, of course. Continue reading

moms primary target - bager Mobile is crucial for brands targeting young mums says IAB

Only 5% of Millennial Mums in China have no smartphone

Brands should definitely be concentrating on mobile as the prime channel to reach the so-called ‘Millennial Mums’ according to a new report produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and BabyCenter. Not only is the reported time spent by these feamles on mobile exceeding or approaching parity with TV, but they are incredibly likely to switch brands. The report is entitled ‘2015 State of Modern Motherhood: Mobile and Media in the Lives of Moms‘ and it looks at young mothers aged 18 to 32 in the USA, Brazil, Canada, China and the UK. According to the report, motherhood triggers new priorities when it comes to purchase decisions, sparking a substantial brand shift moment in a wide range of categories. Continue reading

Smartphone ownership hits historic high among US millennial moms, surpassing laptop/PC ownership for the first time

New international study from IAB & BabyCenter shows reported time spent on mobile exceeding or approaching parity with TV in the USA, Brazil, Canada, China and UK

Press release

February 10th 2015. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, and BabyCenter today released ‘2015 State of Modern Motherhood: Mobile and Media in the Lives of Moms,’ a research report that compares and contrasts the technology habits and media behaviors of online moms ages 18 to 32 in the USA, Brazil, Canada, China and the UK – revealing the importance for brands to focus on mobile to reach the coveted demographic of millennial moms around the world. Continue reading