sheil - speaking on how twitter can be  best utilised Twitter’s Sheil to keynote @ App Promo Summit

Theme will be how Twitter can be best utilised for mobile app promotion

News has just reached us that Twitter has confirmed that its EMEA Mobile Specialist, Ross Sheil, will be delivering the Keynote Address at the App Promotion Summit. This will take place at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge, London [UK] on July 10th. (See the full event list here). Ross will be using the event as a platform to announce some major news in relation to how Twitter can be best utilised for mobile app promotion. All the signs are indicating that APS London will sell out. The organisers, mobyaffiliates, say that they’ve received twice as many bookings as they had at the same point last year [2013]. Plus capacity at the venue is restricted to 200 people so it’s worth booking now. Continue reading

understanding gamification is essential - odou The inaugural Loyalty and Gamification World Championships

Free registration is now open online

Press release

Our loyalty is constantly put to the test by advertisers seeking to increase user engagement among customers, employees and their communities. But how well do the experts really know how to move people? LoyaltyGames will put marketers’ skills to the test in an innovative competition starting on July 12th 2014. Registrations are now open for the 2014 Loyalty and Gamification World Championship, a free online competition designed for students and professionals. LoyaltyGames 2014 is independently organized and administered by the Professional Services Champions League (PSCL). Continue reading

most powerful one-handed keyboard - lindholm Industry veteran Lindholm joins 5-TILES

Aims to help company provide the new standard for mobile keyboards

It seems that veteran mobile industry member, Christian Lindholm ,has decided to act as an investor and advisor to award-winning startup 5-TILES. The aim is to help 5-TILES become the leading choice of keyboard for any mobile device or wearable product. Lindholm previously held positions at Nokia, Fjord, and Yahoo Mobile. He is probably best known as the inventor of the Navi key, the user interface that was featured on many early Nokia phones. So who better to promote a keyboard designed specifically for mobile which has just five keys and takes up significantly less (70 per cent) space on a handset’s screen. Once you’ve learned to use 5-TILES, you can apparently reach typing speeds you’d expect from a full size keyboard. Continue reading

vision for global wi-fi - aggio San Fran & San Jose launch Wi-fi network to rival cellular

Currently it only works with iOS 7 devices, though
vision for global wi-fi – aggio
It seems that two Bay Area [USA] cities – San Francisco and San Jose, have decided to create the world’s largest municipal deployment of Hotspot 2.0 technology. It will have the potential to enable millions of visitors and residents [...]

could kranti shirseth's cellular records hold a clue? Malaysia only made 2 attempts to contact flight MH370

We still think that cellular records might hold the key

A report released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 only serves to raise more questions than it answers. However, one of its most important revelations is that after their final contact at 1.22am on March 8th [2014], Malaysian ground staff made only two attempts to reach the missing aircraft by calling the plane’s satellite phone. The second call was made at 7.13am Malaysian time, after the flight was supposed to have landed. A Quantas pilot, Captain Richard Woodward told [Australia] that,”Five hours is a long time (not to call) if you’re trying to search for the airplane.” GoMo News still thinks that cellular phone records might hold some clues. Continue reading

3_in_touch_mavenir Three UK using Mavenir to offer VoWifi

And Mavenir is using HockApp to develop its client app

GoMo News is extremely grateful to reader, Jimmy Howitt, for providing us with the URL to download a beta copy of Three UK[3UK]‘s Three in Touch app. As we revealed in our previous story ‘Three in Touch beta gets 3UK users out of a black hole‘ this app is intended to enable existing 3UK subscribers to make calls and send text messages when out of cellular coverage. The Three in Touch app instead enables certain handsets to utilise Wi-fi instead. Thanks to Jimmy any 3UK customers who are GoMo News readers can now download the test app by going here. Continue reading

nfc_world_2014 NFC World Congress 2014

Organisers:Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia
Venue: Pharo Palace
Location: Marseille, France
Twitter: #nfcwc

Register: here

All the mobile proximity technologies are covered including: – NFC, QR Code, BLE/Beacons, HCE/Cloud-based models, LBS, and Hotknot. Continue reading

m2m_innovation The Path from M2M to Internet of Things

17 thematic sessions and already 50 eminent speakers along 2.5 days
The most innovative implementations and ways to take up business challenges in Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Retail, Smart Home / Cars / Devices…
The Internet of Things, beyond the buzz word, establishes new opportunity areas

Pres release

June 17th, 2014. M2M Innovation World Congress has unveiled the preliminary agenda of its conference. Along 17 thematic sessions, already 50 eminent speakers are scheduled to present the most innovative M2M implementations from traditional M2M markets to emerging ones: Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Retail, Smart Home, Connected Cars, Consumer electronics. Continue reading

proof point of our advanced technology - peters Mini cab app- Kabbee gets its 0.5mth user

And it works on Windows Phone 8 (WP8) too

London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app, Kabbee, has just celebrated its third birthday with its 0.5 millionth user downloads. GoMo News knows exactly why the app has become so popular. Firstly, London cabbies [black cab taxi] drivers accidentally gave the app a whole bunch of publicity when they protested against the Uber car booking app. (See ‘London cabbies spark 850% rise in Uber downloads‘). Secondly, anyone who has tried to negotiate with black cab drivers @ Heathrow airport will need this app. Thirdly it works on all leading OS – including Windows Phone 8 (WP8). Continue reading