skewered approach - Dr KF Lai Banks fail to promote their services via mobile

They’re using TV instead says BuzzCity

According to mobile advertising network, BuzzCity, the Banks are failing to communicate on the very devices they are offering their services on. Only 16 per cent of marketing spend for mobile banking was placed on mobile advertising, a decrease of 10 per cent from 2013 and less is spent on radio and newspaper – 9 per cent respectively. By contrast, TV cited as the most used medium for promotions with 42 per cent. Those figures are taken from to BuzzCity’s latest report which is available for free downloading from here. It also reveals a 60 per cent increase in people using their mobile devices to bank online. Continue reading

Buzzcity-banking Mobile banking booms but customers still unaware of its possibilities

Banks evolving their mobile strategies, but communications with customers are outmoded says BuzzCity

Press release

April 15th 2015. Ongoing global research from BuzzCity reveals that mobile banking continues to increase, but a skewed approach to communications means banking customers are confused as to the range of features and services available to them. And although nearly all banks now offer mobile banking services, marketing efforts to communicate to their customers remain traditional, with TV cited as the most used medium for promotions (42 per cent). Continue reading

firefox_promo Mozilla wakes up to mobile browsing’s power

Urges PC users to put latest Firefox on their Android devices

It seems that Mozilla – the power behind the popular Firefox browser, has finally woken up to the power of the mobile browser. This month [April 2015], the organisation decided to promote the fact that surfers can have exactly the same browser on their Android smartphone or tablet as they’ve been using for ages on the PC (desktop). (See here). Having recently upgraded Firefox on its Windows based PC, GoMo News spotted the promotion which points to version 37.0.1 of the Firefox mobile browser. It’s described as the “most customizable Android browser yet. Fast, smart and safe.” This is something which Google has been doing for ages with its rival browser, Chrome, of course. Continue reading

WideOrbit’s WO Mobile solution expands SMS capabilities of TV & radio

Addition of studio chat, subscription centre and other new features lets broadcasters involve audiences in programming, news and advertising campaigns from their mobile devices

Press release

April 10th 2015. WideOrbit, a leading provider of advertising management software for media companies, has announced key updates to WO Mobile, its mobile campaign tool for engaging consumers on mobile devices with targeted SMS and MMS campaigns. The latest release of WO Mobile adds features developed to enhance broadcaster engagement with on-the-move audiences, including Studio Chat, a Subscription Centre and customisation of direct response advertising campaigns. Continue reading

MNO sourced unlocking proves best option for Blackberry

What’s an MEP code anyway?

In order to take advantage of Three UK’s [3UK's] free data roaming offer, GoMo News decided to pull the plug on its existing contract with Orange (now EE). Especially as the British MNO [Mobile Network Operator] could not do a deal on a subsidised handset which we would actually want (i.e. BlackBerry or Motorola). This left us with the problem of a BlackBerry Q5 locked onto EE. It was at this juncture that we discovered the joys of MEP codes. They are the BlackBerry version of a PUC [Personal Unblocking Code] or PUK [PIN Unlock Key] code which an MNO provides to an existing customer to convert a locked handset into a SIM-free one. Continue reading

Christopher_dean New report finds over 60% of all in-game revenues are generated by only 0.23% of players

Is the mobile games business getting smarter?

Swrve releases 2015 mobile monetization report covering 20 million players of free mobile games
Average monthly spend increased 33% from 2014

Press release

April 9th 2015. Swrve , the world leader in mobile marketing automation, has announced the results of its latest 2015 Mobile Monetisation report. The just-published report reveals that free-to-play game revenue remains skewed towards a small group of most active spenders – with just 0.23 per cent of all players accounting for 64 per cent of all revenue. The report covers the latest industry data relating to the monetisation of free-to-play game players on mobile, based on real user data covering tens of millions of mobile gamers. Continue reading

gmasa_logo Global Mobile App Summit & Awards 2015

[ May 28, 2015 8:00 am to May 29, 2015 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Dot Com Infoway
Venue: ITC GrandChola
Location: Chennai, India

Tickets available from here.

To bring together mobile media Moguls of the industry and provide industry wide recognition for the best mobile apps. Continue reading

EE’s customer retention confuses GoMo over BlackBerry

We got it completely wrong

Recently, GoMo News ran a throw-away remark about Blackberry which was totally untrue. It as as follows .. “The move will put pressure on Canada’s Blackberry because it has yet to offer a handset which supports the Band 3 flavour of 4G/LTE that EE offers.” This statement was completely incorrect and we humbly apologise. BlackBerry offers multiple models that support 4G over EE’s network. The mistake stemmed from a remark made by an agent working for EE’s customer retention department. When asked which BlackBerry models EE could offer as an incentive to stay, the agent duly informed us that the answer was none “because the EE network doesn’t support Blackberry.” This is nonsense as our BlackBerry Q5 blantantly connexts to 4G in our offices. Continue reading

spiegelhalter - smartphones causing less nookie Smartphones blamed for couples having less sex

Not content with funding wars in Africa & depleting ozone layer, etc

It seems that, once again, the ubiquitous smartphone has got the blame for a worrying new trend. This time the smartphone is apparently behind a dip in the number of times couples are having sex. Well, this appears to be the theory of one David Spiegelhalter who has the curious title of Winston Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University in the UK. Whilst promoting his new book – ‘Sex by Numbers‘, Prof Speigelhalter suggest that there is a possibility that the increasing violation of work into private life made possible by the mobile revolution may be to blame for a drop in the number of times per month couples are having sex. Continue reading