Github_growth GitHub’s planned expansion and growth in Europe

Press release

June 17th 2015. GitHub is announcing the European expansion of its collaborative software platform. With over 9.5million users already established globally, the company is looking to support them with teams now in place across Amsterdam, Germany, the UK and France. Within Europe the creation and maintenance of software is of growing importance. It not only builds a base of intellectual property, creative talent and revenue – it also generates further income. This income is massive now, and it’’s growing all of the time. Pierre Audoin Consultants (here) estimates that, from 2009 to 2020, the revenue from license fees, services and paid web-based software will increase from €231 billion to €385.5 billion. Continue reading

T-Mobile to launch Jump on Demand

Apparently the US MNO is amping up existing ‘un-carrier’ initiatives

T-Mobile USA (the US based MNO [Mobile Network Operator]) is to launch on June 28th [2015] ‘Jump on Demand’ – an enhanced frequent-upgrade programme which builds upon its existing Jump offering by letting customers upgrade their smartphones as much as three times a year. Jump on Demand, unlike the original Jump programme does not require a $10 monthly membership fee. Plus customers don’t have to pay off half a device’s cost prior to upgrading. Furthermore, it also does not include device protection. “Jump on Demand is T-Mobile’s way of getting into the device-leasing business while simultaneously satisfying customers who desire easier, more frequent smartphone upgrades,” commented Tammy Parker, a senior analyst with Current Analysis. Continue reading

music festival feature Glasto goers are able to get ‘free’ Power Bar early

Just text Festival to 3650 and get one early

There’s nothing like a good story to flush out the real truth. As we said in our original story ‘Glasto fans have no chance of a free EE charger‘, ”We’re sure that EE has, in fact, got a great counter to our allegations.” Indeed, the company has a really good one. Anyone attending the UK’s Glastonbury music festival has actually been able to obtain their ‘free Power Bar’ from June 18th [2015]. So in plenty of time for the June 24th [2015] start of this event. If you are wondering what a Power Bar is, well it’s effectively a portable mobile charger. And EE customers going to the event were advised to text “Festival” to 3650 from the 15th June [2015]. But you had to register your mobile phone as attending for this to work. Continue reading

Glasto fans have no chance of a free EE charger – Updated

Left hand oblivious to what right hand is doing
UPDATE: We explain how, in fact, they can here

Here at GoMo Towers we are big fans of MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] hooking up with music festival organisers to promote their brands. And the UK’s EE is no exception. Especially since the company sponsors the iconic British music festival – Glastonbury. But the company appears to have just shot itself in the foot over its promotion of a mobile device recharger called the Power Bar. We spotted that a leading British newspaper – the Sun on Sunday, has suggested that a must-have accessory for Glastonbury (pf which EE is a major sponsor) is the Power Bar (mobile device recharger). Sadly, however, EE is experiencing stock problems with Power Bar supplies. And so any would-be Power Bar consumers have been told (via SMS) to reapply for their units “from 8am 24th June”. Only problem with this? 24th June is officially the first day of the Glastonbury music festival. Continue reading

cloudprint-ready What Google doesn’t tell you about Cloud Print

You def need a PC or Mac to set it up

Doesn’t it seem a great idea? You can send a file from any of your mobile devices: – smartphone, tablet, notebook/laptop PC and it will magically be printed out for you when you arrive back home or in the office. This is the promise behind cloud based printing services .The catch? Somewhere a long the line you actually need a Windows or Mac based PC to set the whole thing up. This is the harsh reality behind Google’s Cloud Print, for example, as GoMo News learnt the hard way. It applies in particular to those who wish to the avoid the tyranny of the Microsoft Windows OS by switching to a Chrome OS based laptop PC. You don’t actually need the printer to be permanently plugged into a Windows PC or Apple Mac. But you do require one or the other to set aprinter up to work with your Google Cloud Print service. Continue reading

Home is where the signal isn’t

40% of Brits living with mobile phone blackspots

Global Wireless Solutions’ mammoth study of wireless connectivity in UK homes combines data from extensive programme of engineering-level testing inside properties with results from nationwide poll

1 in 14 calls fail during in-home testing of EE’s voice network in London – only 1 in 174 test calls failed on highly reliable O2 voice network

All of the big 4 UK operators are having difficulty extending their 4G networks into British homes

Kitchens most liable to be mobile dead-zones and therefore best for quiet family dinners; Liverpool and Cardiff worst UK cities for blackspots in homes

Brits living in Georgian homes and homes built in the Noughties most likely to feel blackspots are marring their indoor mobile experiences

Press release

Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), the mobile network testing company that revealed the extensive blackspots affecting UK train commuters, has released the findings of its mammoth study of wireless connectivity in British homes. For its independent study, GWS polled 2,000 UK adults, and spent 6 weeks collecting and analysing data from inside London homes. Continue reading

removing the stress - newing launches free tool for upcoming Ofcom changes

Press Release

June 9th 2015. With [UK comms regulator's] Ofcoms new regulations for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) businesses using NGNS (Non Geographic number services) coming into force on 1st July [2015], organisations must prepare now to clearly display on their advertising the cost of the call to consumers, says To make this process as smooth as possible, has created a free online too here which generates an Ofcom compliant advertising message unique to the number a business advertises. Continue reading

Mail on Sunday calls for action over bill shock

MNOs should bring security & protection in line with banks

The leading UK national newspaper, the Mail on Sunday, has called for more protection for consumers over ‘bill shock’. This follows a complaint from a British woman, Laura Harris, over a £2,000 ($3,100) bill she managed to run up with local MNO[Mobile Network Operator], Vodafone. The worrying thing is that she managed this feat mostly by linking her Apple iPhone to a Microsoft Exchange email server. She discovered the cause by contacting a specialist firm, Forensic Mobile Services, which claimed that “Exchange email services have known technical issues that can result in high data usage when used on Apple devices.” Known by whom, GoMo News would like to know? Anyway, Ms Harris and the Daily Mail (here) have subsequently called for UK MNOs to bring security and protection in line with banks [financial institutions]. Continue reading

it's early days - Doku Apple’s entry into UK mobile payments could be gamechanger

So market watcher,, seems to think

“When the world’s biggest company wades into mobile payments, you know it’s going to be a game changer,” says Ernest Doku, a technology expert with “The support of some of the UK’s best known retailers, from Marks & Spencer to the Post Office, doesn’t hurt either,” he added. We all know, of course, that the introduction of Apple’s iTunes changed the face of music retailing. Now the Apple brand is being brought to bear on the whole concept of a mobile wallet, which has yet to become mainstream. What has Apple got which the opposition hasn’t? The answer appears to be a higher level of security – particularly with fingerprint recognition. Continue reading