collaborating with like-minded people - smith Mind Candy teams up with YouTube DJs for hit game

7 Second Challenge already sits @ No.2 in USA & UK charts

It seems that Mind Candy has hit on a great formula for creating a chart topping game. The company claims the ‘The 7 Second Challenge’ app is now in the Number Two position for UK and USA paid downloads. The Challenge is the work of YouTube giants (DJs) – Dan and Phil, who currently have over 10 million subscribers across their channels. Plus more than 700 million views on their videos as well as millions of followers on their social networks. They’ve now collaborated with Mind Candy to bring it to smartphones as an all new mobile game. Continue reading

web site recall message EE forced to recall portable chargers batch

E1-06 hasn’t helped UK MNO with customer retention

UK leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, doesn’t seem to be having much luck with its ‘Power Bar’ customer retention scheme. GoMo News would speculate that this marketing project was aimed at retaining high-to-medium spending customers. Sadly, however, anyone with a Power Bar – the portable mobile charger, with a batch number of E1-06, needs to return the device to EE PDQ [Pretty Damn Quick]. That’s because EE has noticed a number of cases where these chargers could potentially overheat and therefore constitute a fire risk. Continue reading

icrosoft  -fogg Redmond has lost the mobile OS war again

Inc industry comments from IHS Technology on Windows 10 launch

If you watch the latest TV adverts from Redmond based giant, Microsoft, you could be forgiven  for not having the  slightest clue what Windows 10 actually delivers. This latest version of Windows (and no-one has successfully explained what happened to Windows 9.0) works on both mobile and PC. So it seems that Windows Phone is dead. Just like Windows Mobile was before WP6. Thus, according to Ian Fogg, director of mobile analysis with IHS Technology, “Microsoft has lost the smartphone OS war to iOS and Android.” The plus side – it seems that Cortana, Microsoft/Nokia’s answer to Apple’s Siri, has made it onto the desktop. Continue reading

tfl_payments What forms of Oyster contactless payments TfL actually supports

You need the right question to get the right answer for London transportation

It really should be called the Ministry for Disinformation, but TfL [Transport for London] has finally admitted here that it does support Apple Pay  (See ‘Apple Pay UK isn’t compatible with Oyster – yet)’ as a means for paying for your transportation on the London public transport network. The vast majority of UK citizens would understand this capability as an ability to stand-in for the long-accepted ‘Oyster’ card. But, of course, you need to utilise industry jargon and equate ‘contactless payment’ with Oyster. So the list of Oyster replacement methods includes – bPay, EE’s Cash on Tap plus Vodafone’s SmartPass applications for pay as you go where contactless is accepted. Consumers also need to know that when paying for their journeys through London, only those on rail services must touch in and out to pay the right fare. Whereas on buses and trams, consumers only have to touch in. Well, that’s going to confuse the Hell out of tourists, isn’t it? Continue reading

access to big internet players - anderson Bango CEO joins UK PM’s trade mission to launch mobile payment partnerships in Asia

Bango among financial technology companies travelling to Asia with UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Press Release

July 27th 2015. Bango -the mobile payments company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, has announced that in Q1-Q2 2015 it has completed seven mobile payment agreements with MNOs [ Mobile Network Operators] across Asia. This includes launching carrier billing routes for Indosat and XL in Indonesia, and Taiwan Star in Taiwan. These agreements allow the operators to enable a feature in a mobile app store, such as Google Play or the Microsoft Windows Phone Store so that a smartphone user can pay for games, music, movies and other content on their phone bill. Continue reading

perfect timing to team up with vodafone- wagner A UK first makes topping up even easier for Vodafone UK PAYG customers

Innovative PowaTag platform allows customers to TopUp in a matter of seconds using a mobile or tablet
Vodafone UK customers no longer confined to store opening times and can TopUp from catalogues and retail posters regardless of the time or day of the week
The TopUp solution can be found across selected Vodafone UK stores and other national retailers such as Argos, Tesco, Co-Op and Sainsbury’s

Press release

July 31st 2015. Vodafone UK has announced that its PAYG [prepaid] customers will be able to TopUp at any time of the day while out and about, and in a matter of seconds – thanks to Powa Technologies’ mobile commerce platform, PowaTag. The solution turns magazine adverts, catalogues, posters and even product packaging into immediate points of sale, allowing customers to TopUp directly simply by scanning a specialised tag. Continue reading

diego_reunion Plane debris points to Diego Garcia as MH370 intended destination

Aussies were searching sea 3,000 miles from La Reunion

Here at GoMo Towers, we always have been ready to entertain any theories as to what actually happened to lost Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Now it seems that what looks very definitely part of a Boeing aircraft has washed up on the French held island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Which is something like 3,000 miles away from where the Australians have been searching for the missing plane. However, the item of wreckage is reportedly covered in barnacles which is consistent with it being in the water for a significant period of time. Look at the maps of sea currents which other news stories have featured and it is easy to see that the aircraft part could easily have drifted from Diego Garcia – the island which is part of the British Indian Ocean territory. But used as an airbase by the USA. Why has the USA so consistently pooh-poohed [discredited] the reports that an aircraft was spotted flying low over the island and could have been the missing flight? Continue reading

gomo puts motog in fish tank & it survived Motorola’s new handsets go heavy on low power consumption

Pretty impressive waterproof demo as well

We didn’t get the chance to mention in our initial story here – concerning the three new Moto handset launches from Motorola, about how much value the former Number One mobile handset maker is now placing on battery technology. You see, it’s not just about battery life. It’s about speed of recharging, too. Which is why Motorola went very heavy on the speed at which its new handsets can be recharged. It’s all down to the company’s TurboPower fast charging capabilities, apparently. Which can get you back up and running again from an empty battery to sensible normal usage levels in something like 15 minutes. For some reason, Motorola seems appears to have picked on the Samsung Galaxy S6 for comparison purposes but its handsets win hands down. But Motorola’s battery life claims are nonetheless impressive. As was the demo of the waterproofness of the latest incarnation of the Moto G. Continue reading

2 days battery life - hayes New Motorola handsets can cut MNOs & channel out of loop

Heavy emphasis place on 2 day battery life, too

And so to The Brewery in the City of London [England], where the GoMo News team has been attending the biggest launch of Moto products – ever. There were simultaneous events in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and NYC, USA – incidentally. The newly invigorated Motorola introduced not one but three new smartphones today [July 28th 2015]. A new Moto G, the Moto X Style and the Moto X play. (And no new watch). One of the new models – confusingly still called the Moto G also goes on sale globally today [July 28th 2015]. Cutting through the hype, GoMo News sees to major themes here: – massive stress placed on battery life and the ability to bypass any reliance on the MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] to ‘range’ their handsets. Continue reading