Dixie_Somers Guest Post: Major differences between Android vs iPhone users

by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who works sometimes with Apple Shark

In my opinion, in North America Android users are far more likely to be found in lower income areas, whereas middle and upper class regions tend to favour the iPhone. This can be put down largely due to the major price differences between the two. For example, an Android handset can easily be obtained for less than half the price of an iPhone. In addition, monetisation differences make Android apps much cheaper than iPhone equivalents. The price divide also creates a separation in price. Young college students generally have less money, thus they are grouped with the lower income Android users no matter what area they live in. Continue reading

alder Fiksu study finds Facebook’s mobile app ads deliver higher ROI vs banner & video

Facebook proves app monetization winner -delivers 50 per cent more purchasing users than other sources

Press release

May 28th 2014. Fiksu, developer of award-winning app marketing technologies, has announced the availability of a new Fiksu Labs Report comparing the performance of media sources for mobile app user acquisition. The report focuses on the ROI of Facebook’s mobile app ads, traditional banner ads, and video ads, and their effectiveness in delivering long term value for app publishers. Continue reading

Amazon Fire just might revolutionise online shopping

But who will carry the smartphone in the UK for what price?

After yesterday’s [June 18th 2014] launch by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos of its new Android-forked Fire smartphone, expects are once again predicting that the online giant could revolutionise shopping. The handset’s key feature is Firefly, a facility that lets the smartphone identify any of 100m products within a second and link to the product on Amazon’s website. Iin a rare media appearance, Bezos actually demonstrated Firefly. The company also said the $199 (£117) smartphone would ship on July 25th [2014] initally in the USA with AT&T. No news of a UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator] carrying the product on an initial exlcusive basis was given but the smart money is on Vodafone. Continue reading

First reactions to Amazon’s Fire phone

Actually we think it’s Shazam that’s in deepest trouble

It’s amazing how dazzling Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, must be because the hype seems to have buried the fact that his company has launched a smartphone running a ‘forked’ version of Android. Um, just like that massive success the Nokia X, then? [Sarcasm]. Now GoMo News has read nothing to suggest that the new Amazon Fire smartphone when it is introduced will seriously damage Samsung or Google. Unlike Android which killed Symbian. The thing that strikes us most is the existence of ‘Firefly’ as an app on this phone. This facility can apparently identify songs. Continue reading

opportunity for smartphones - wells 80% of smartphone users interested in healthcare alerts says FICO

Healthcare industry can reach out to consumers via mobile

A major survey by FICO has revealed that 80 per cent of people would like the option to use their smartphones to interact with healthcare providers. The list includes: – government and private insurers, hospitals, pharmacies, mail-order drug companies, third party administrators and clinics. Additionally, the survey also showed that 76 per cent of people globally are keen to be reminded of their medical appointments. A further 69 per cent would like to receive reminders to arrange appointments or alerts prompting them to take their medication. Continue reading

5G lifeblood of digital economy - kroes EU plotting to catch up with research into 5G

Signs a deal with South Korea over 5G frequencies

Although the EU effectively gave the world world 2G thanks to the GSM standard, it’s been quite apparent for quite some time that Europe is lagging way behind in the 4G stakes. So it’s started a number of initiatives to put itself at the front of 5G. Especially since no-one really knows what 5G will offer than a faster version of 4G can’t. In 2013, the EU said it would spend €700 million (£560 million) on 5G technology research by 2021. On Monday [June 16th 2014], the EU got one step faster to achieving its goal by signing a deal with South Korea. As EU comms commissioner put it, “5G will become the new lifeblood of the digital economy and digital society.” Continue reading

there had to be an easy way - watkins Forget the footie – put a Ferrari in your video

Coull finds video completion rates amongst viewers are highest for sports videos

A new study by Coull has found that – despite the hype surrounding the World Cup (soccer/footie) tournament, videos featuring cars are most likely to engage UK online video audiences. The research found that 61 per cent of viewers watched sport related videos to the end. Coull is a provider of video monetisation technology and it has recently analysed 12 million videos plays. Irfon Watkins, Coull’s CEO, cobserved, “The most lucrative event in sports advertising – the football World Cup – has now kicked off. With millions of pounds being allocated to TV advertising during coverage. Online sports publishers should be looking at ways to give brands new opportunities to augment their TV ad spend online.” Continue reading

Splicky_promo The GoMo News Advertising Directory (MADS) gets an update

New directory sponsor is Splicky and latest addition is Ripple

The team here at GoMo Towers is in the process of updating the GoMo News Advertising Directory which currently covers 193 mobile marketing companies. We’d also like the opportunity to welcome our new sponsor - Splicky. The GoMo Ads Directory is currently ranked second by Google amongst the independent company guides – but we’re mow working hard to get our Top ranking back! If your company isn’t included please gt in touch with our team as soon as possible (details below). Continue reading

schilling - would you buy a used domain from this man? domain name up for grabs for $5,000

Like us the email notification probably went into your spam folder

Here at GoMo Towers, we’d normally ignore an obvious spam emailshot. Especially since this one went directly into our Spam mail folder. However, the name caught our attention.  Especially since it’s been our experience that competition in the market for bulk SMS is growing fiercer every day. So we thought that there could well be a demand amongst GoMo News readers for domain name which is currently [June 2014] up for grabs for $5,000. Continue reading