nothing to see here Heathrow needs a new mobile web site – not runway

Even falling behind Gatwick in mobile friendliness

A few days ago [July 2015], the GoMo News team experienced a definite case of deja vu when we logged onto the official Heathrow Airport  (LHR) site for London, England. We’ve grown completely accustomed to checking up on the status of incoming flights. Being GoMo News, naturally, we access the site via a mobile phone’s browser – in this case our loan Motorola Moto G. With a 4G cellular connexion, access times are as good if not better than a Wi-fi connexion. Imagine our disappointment, therefore, when we encountered a redesigned web site which instead of being more mobile friendly – bucked the trend by becoming even less usable. A while back [August 2013], the GoMo News team heavily criticised the web site for rival London airport Gatwick (GAT) in ‘Gatwick Airport site suddenly becomes user unfriendly‘. This latest development has made Gatwick’s site seem positively mobile friendly by contrast. Heathrow doesn’t need a new runway – it needs world class web designers. Continue reading

Smart Contactless World

[ September 15, 2015 10:00 am to September 17, 2015 5:00 pm. ] Organisers: Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia
Venue: Palais du Pharo
Location: Marseilles, France

Registration: here

This show is all about proximity services for connected Consumers. Previously the NFC World Congress), the event now covers all the contactless services: – NFC, HCE, BLE/Beacons, Cloud-based, QR Code, and LBS. Central to this 5th instance of the show, the main theme is the connected consumer and citizen. Smart Contactless World also focuses on applications and usages based on all proximity technologies. Continue reading

m2m_innovation M2M Innovation World Congress 2015

[ September 15, 2015 9:00 am to September 17, 2015 7:00 pm. ] Organisers: Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia
Venue: Palais du Pharo
Location: Marseilles, France

Registration: here

M2M [Machine-to-Machine] Innovation World invites both IT and vertical industries to show how M2M/IoT [Internet of Things] technologies transform business and create new business opportunities. This show will explore in particular M2M/IoT innovation applied to industry, utilities, connected cars, retail, smart cities, smart homes and healthcare. Continue reading

Jacob_Barlebo Tweakker appoints Jacob Barlebo to lead IOT sales drive

Device connectivity leader strengthens its senior management team

Tweakker – the device connectivity leader, has appointed Jacob Barlebo  as a vp for sales to lead the company’s device connectivity and IOT sales drives. These drives will encompass traditional and emerging MNO [Mobile Network Operator] and MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] markets. Prior to taking up his new position, Barlebo was sales and marketing director for MVNO CRM & billing platform provider CDRator. In this role he was selling CRM & BSS solutions to global mobile network operators, mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) and mobile virtual network operators world-wide. Continue reading

tv_butler Launch of TVButler allows you to watch TV anywhere in the home or on the go

dvblogic announces the launch of its branded tuner and software solution, TVButler

Press release

July 15th 2015. The TVButler from dvblogic turns your NAS [network attached storage], PC or Raspberry Pi into a personal video recorder, recording your favourite TV programmes in original quality. With a central storage unit, recordings can be programmed or scheduled from any client device or screen connected to TVButler, and then watched on a variety of home or mobile devices, using a mobile internet connection or Wi-fi hotspot. Watch TV and recordings on your TVs, phablets and smartphones on your home network and via the Internet. Continue reading

MOTO_G_2ND GoMo says Hellomoto to Moto G 2nd gen

Those awfully nice PR people have loaned us one

A string of co-incidences (some happy, some unhappy) has led to the GoMo News team being loaned a Motorola Moto G (Second Generation with 4G/LTE) by the company’s awfully nice PR people. We’re really keen to see if the processor power and speed of 4G with the latest Moto G will cure the problems we were having with running Motorola’s Assist (driving) software with our previous 1st generation Moto G (the XT1032 model). Incidentally, the latest model Moto G is an XT1072. What sparked our request for a new phone was an invitation to meet with Motorola at the end of this month [July 2015]. That usually means there will be a new handset launched -so stay tuned. As a result of swapping from old to new Moto G models, we’ve also gained some useful insights in to EE’s (the UK MNO/Mobile Network Operator’s] Clone Phone app. Continue reading

wpw_beijing Wireless Power World 2015

[ September 18, 2015; 11:00 am; ] Organisers: Demand-Led—Shanghai
Venue: Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast
Location: Shanghai, China

Register: here

The 4th annual Wireless Power World 2015 has been organized by DEMAND-LED three times with huge success. Most of the attendees regarded the opportunity as a valuable one, especially with the breakthrough of wireless charging technologies in 2015. Plus, the merger of A4WP& PMA and the rapid growth of wireless charging in EV and wearable devices, This coming event will provide a great platform for top experts from the whole industry chain. Continue reading

Pay_hsbc Apple Pay UK isn’t compatible with Oyster – yet

Contactless payment system has more holes than a sieve

Congratulations to Apple for finally launching its contactless payment system in the UK today [July 14th 2015] as we predicted here. Sadly, as a contactless payment system, Apple Pay has more holes than a sieve. For starters, there appear to be more “coming soon” financial institutions, than those which actually matter. The list of eventual supporters includes Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank and TSB. What’s weird is that HSBC – which was amongst the participants to accidentally reveal the July 14th launch, isn’t included. Instead there are only American Express, MBNA, Santander, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank in the financial sector. Embarrassing since HSBC is included on the official Apple Pay we page’s screen shots. Worse still, there’s no mention of the anticipated support for Transport for London’s (TfL’s) Oyster payment system. Continue reading

applepay Leaked Waitrose memo points at July 14th for Apple Pay UK

Brits might prove more enthusiastic than their American cousins

It’s hard to think of an offering from the Cupertino based mobile device maker that will prove more popular in the UK than in the USA. However, that well prove to be the case with Apple’s contactless m-commerce solution – Apple Pay. A leaked  memo from major UK supermarket group, Waitrose,  points at July 14th  [2015] for Apple Pay to go live in the UK. Thanks largely to systems such as the Oyster [Metro travel payment] card in the UK, British citizens have grown accustomed to contactless payments. Another irony is that McDonald’s (the US burger chain) has also been a major force in popularising contactless payments in Britain. Hence, Apple Pay could well prove to be nore popular on this side of the Atlantic. Continue reading