digital music sales might be hit OTT players hit by change in UK VAT loophole

Amazon & Apple may raise prices on digital music sales

In a move which will at least bring some satisfaction to Blighty’s [UK's] MNOs [Mobile Network Operators], the UK Chancellor has moved to close a tax loophole. The major OTT players such Amazon, Apple & Skype, take advantage of the tax system to pay their VAT bills in an EU country where charges are low. For example, in Luxembourg the VAT rate is a mere 3 per cent whereas in Britain it is currently 20 per cent. New rules will mean that Brits Revenues & Customs will be able to levy 20 per cent VAT on downloads executed in the UK. OTT players could respond by raising prices. Continue reading

making its way to china? Nokia to launch MixRadio in China

Linked to Bill Gates’ return to Microsoft

According to a report in today’s [March 23rd 2014] Sunday Times, Nokia is on the verge on launching a version of its MixRadio streaming service into China. Like other observers, GoMo News would question the wisdom of such a move. As a country its inhabitants aren’t known for much respect for digital copyrights. Which could prove a flaw in Nokia’s business plan. We especially like the newspaper’s suggestion that Bill Gates is somehow behind the move. Continue reading

vodafone_old_logo Vodafone name 30 years old today

You’re luck it was nearly spelt with a ph not f

UK based MNO [Mobile Network Operator] is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its name today [March 22nd 2014]. And to celebrate the company has revealed the origin of the actual name. Plus the fact that it was was conceived of by one of the company’s original directors and the advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. The agency’s proposal to spell ‘phone’ as ‘fone’ caused the name to be initially rejected by the then CEO, Sir Gerry Whent. However, he relented – reputedly saying “in for a penny, in for a pound – you can have your flipping ‘f’ as well.” Afterwards he came to regard the name as something of a masterstroke. Continue reading

image used by ee in tweet EE’s initial humorous response to its network outage bombs badly

Actually what some customers need to do was reset their phones

UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, suffered an embarrassing network outage on Wednesday night [March 19th 2014]. There were conflicting reports of actually how long the outage lasted with some customers complaining they had been without service for up to six hours. It may have been handset problems which caused such an apparently long delay. It’s also unclear just how many of EE’s 27 million customers across the UK were affected. EE operates under the T-Mobile and Orange brands, as well as is own EE brand in the UK. It appears that some EE customers had a sense of humour failure over a joke explanatory tweet the company sent out. Its text message apology was more demure. Continue reading

junaio_girl Metaio releases newest version of Junaio augmented reality browser

Comes with new design, real-time POI visualization and browser interoperability

Press release

March 20th 2014. The world leader in augmented reality software (AR) and solutions, Metaio, has released the newest version of its free Junaio AR browser for Android and iOS devices with an updated user interface that features an all-new visualization of nearby points-of-interest (POIs). With Junaio it is now possible to access GPS and location-based information from almost anywhere in the world. Continue reading

Dr Álvaro Sobrinho Guest Post: How m-learning can revolutionise teaching in Africa

by Dr Álvaro Sobrinho, chairman of the Planet Earth Institute (PEI)

Widely recognised as an Angolan philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dr Álvaro Sobrinho is also chairman of the Planet Earth Institute (PEI), a charity whose goal it is to bring scientific independence to Africa. The PEI has also recently conducted consultations on m-learning/m-education . Here Dr Sobrinho looks at how m-learning can revolutionise learning in Africa. Continue reading

the bugged infographic Probably the worst WP8 Hot Tip from Microsoft ever

Advice on custom ringtones virtually useless

One of the  missing features which is most irritating (for long-time Nokia users especially) is a lack of configurable ring tones. Nokia virtually invented the ringtone market so it is hard to see why it has tolerated the lack of easily configurable ringtones with its latest Windows Phone (WP8) handsets. Consequently, GoMo News was delighted to see a tweet which lead to an infographic – explaining how to install “custom ringtones”. Except when we tried to follow the instructions – they absolutely don’t work for us. Continue reading

mobile-airline-flight-airline-travel China Mobile able to throw light on missing MH370 – maybe

Did any passenger’s mobile roam onto a ‘foreign’ network?

GoMo News has deepest sympathy with the families of those passengers and crew members who have disappeared with Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. We know that at least 19 families were convinced that mobile handsets belonging their loved ones were still switched on four days after the flight first disappeared. These relatives have also been seen to vent their anger with the Malaysian authorities over lack of clear information about the tragedy. However, it could well be that China Mobile might be able to help the relatives out. Continue reading

mnos don't really need the banks - birch Mobile money should be like Yap rocks says Consult Hyperion’s Birch

So MNOs don’t really need financial institutions to make it work

Last night GoMo News had the pleasure of attending one of the City of London’s finest eateries courtesy of Chaz [Brooks] & Dave [Birch]. The discussion centred on the future of mobile money – a subject close to the heart of Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch who will be speaking about it today [March 18th 2014] @ Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum 2014. Dave definitely likes to think outside the box as he suggested that the future of mobile money may not only be unrelated to existing financial/banking models but also unrelated to currencies and transactions. In a nutshell, Mr Birch is a fan of bitcoin and cyrptocurrencies in particular. And he compared bitcoin to the rocks used as currency by the Yap Islanders. Continue reading