Painted French QR cows was a spoof but …

Rating: All good stories eventually become true (ref Mike Magee)

French comedy actor, Gildas Pugot, played the farmer

Oh dear. It seems that GoMobile News fell for a really convincing spoof video of a French farmer who had painted his cows with giant QR codes as an advertising gimmick. See our previous story here. Apparently, the video starred a fairly famous comedy Actor, Gildas Pugot, who belongs to a French comedy troup known as Qualite [Quality] Street. We’ve been pointed in the right direction by another blog site, QR Code Artisthere. However, “all good stories eventually become true” [Mike Magee]. Two French farmers here are apparently experimenting with ‘bio’ paints which will stop the QR codes washing off in the rain.Here’s who was real. The web site, QR Dress Code, had the idea of tagging the cows in the first place and the film was produced by My QReation which specialises in printing T-shirts emblazoned with QR codes.

The game which was on the other end of the URL when you scan the QR code in the video – ‘cows to scratch’, is real and was created by the mobile marketing agency - Bookbeo.

There were also two agencies who helped to publicise the video through the media – Imagypress and Mediaoptim who specialise in PR and web marketing respectively.

And Matilda Neyland was behind the English translation and subtitling which helped to trick us all.

Here at GoMobile News we’re still thankful for this spoof for leading us to all kinds of QR code specialists we never knew existed before.

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