Paragon takes a massive pop @ Apple over iTunes Connect

Rating: All is not well in the iOS app ecosystem

Not actually being iOS app developers ourselves, we were more than slightly puzzled by a Press release that Paragon Software has just put out. Reading between the lines, this particular app developer appears to have got itself into a classic ‘Catch 22′ situation where – whatever it does, it cannot win. The crux of the problem seems to be Apple’s iTunes Connect system which does not permit developers to update software which is no longer available for sale. As a result of this policy, existing users can be left with incompatible software.

The company claims that the administrative interface of iTunes Connect doesn’t allow developers to support old products at all.

It seems to us that trouble is ahead for apple if it continues to treat its developer community like this.

Paragone goes into tremendous detail over the fix it appears to have got itself into whilst pursuing an ‘honourable’ approach to providing continued support for its existing apps.

We particularly like this bit where Apple’s minions are obviously oblivious to the type of application involved.

They told Paragon that, “We found that your app provides the same feature set as other apps you’ve submitted to the App Store -it simply varies the content or language.”

That would be sensible but for the fact that Paragon is simply tryting to realese versions of its product which support additional language dictionaries.

To get to the bottom of this gripe, GoMobile News has published the entire Paragon Software statement here.

But it doesn’t bode well for the ecosystem if Apple is so blatantly upsetting some of its major app suplliers.

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