payvia combines with Mogreet for industry first

DoB platform acquires with rich messaging specialist

simple way to link DoB & mobile marketing - Wedd

The acquisition of a rich media specialist, Mogreet by a US based mobile payments provider, payvia, has led to some pretty radical claims. For starters, payvia claims to be the leader in direct carrier billing (DoB) mobile payments. It then describes the combination of its DoB [Direct Carrier Billing] system with
Mogreet’s technology as creating “the first end-to-end mobile payments, user targeting and engagement platform.” Extremely useful, yes. But the first???

Anyway, payvia says its claim to fame resides with the fact that it has paid out to merchants and developers worldwide more than $2 billion in global mobile commerce revenues.

Meanwhile, Mogreet’s platform engages with 120 million unique mobile users and processing billions of mobile messages every year.

That probably does make it the largest combined DoB and connected messaging platform in the USA.

“Our clients have told us they also need a simpler way to link targeted mobile transactions to their marketing campaigns,” observed Darcy Wedd, CEO with payvia.

“By integrating Mogreet’s solutions on our platform we answer that need,” Wedd continued.

“As the only company to solve a known disconnect between traditional mobile commerce and engagement solutions, payvia is well positioned to increase mobile’s share of the $252 billion1 e-commerce market.”

Crucially, Mogreet’s API will become a core component of the payvia payments API in order to provide access to cross-platform mobile payments, rich media and video messaging, via SMS, MMS and in-app messaging.

“payvia and Mogreet’s unique combination of dynamic mobile messaging and secure mobile payments will enable us to explore new opportunities in radio advertising,” claimed Angie May Cook, a vp with digital radio specialist, Emmis Digital.

“By connecting audio commercials with mobile advertising and mobile payments to provide advertisers with a direct connection to purchase on the mobile device,” cook added.

GoMo News wonders how many rival suppliers can also claim to offer merged DoB and rich messaging facilities to their clients?


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