Pioneering mobile comms specialist 21Net appoints new CEO

Hires industry veteran from Rohde & Schwarz & HP

India's first broadband enabled high speed train

It’s probably not something that mobile marketers would think of – delivering rich media adverts to travellers on high speed trains. However, pioneering specialist – 21Net, has developed the technology that provides true broadband Internet speeds to those travelling on high speed trains. And it’s not just in Europe, either. It’s already working on express trains in India between New Delhi and Calcutta. So in order to take things to the next level the company has hired an industry veteran to become its new CEO – Philippe Catherine.

Catherine has working for some big names in the mobile industry. He served as chairman and CEO for Rohde & Schwarz France for eight years having previously worked for Hewlett-Packard in France and Europe.

Until recently, Catherine was chairman and CEO with leading international software vendor for the wireless industry – Mentum.

21Net’s founders Jean-François de Lantsheere and Henry Hyde-Thomson welcomed the new appointment as an important step to take 21Net up to the next level.

21Net claims to have established the world’s first bi-directional satellite communications system capable of delivering high-speed Internet to high-speed trains.

It means that travellers can enjoy a broadband style connexion on their tablets, smartphones and laptops via Wi-fi.

India’s Railway minister, Pawan Kumar Bansal, launched the Wi-fi and broadband internet service on the Howrah Rajdhani Express back in April [2013].

The internet solution is provided by 21Net along with its local partner Techno Sat Comm.

21Net operates the Internet and multimedia services on high speed trains in Europe (Thalys and NTV in Italy) as well as in India with Indian Rail.

21Net’s core objective is to provide rail operators with a competitive edge by delivering the high quality Internet and multimedia services to their passengers.

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