Planning for growth, iVvy event software future proofs with elastic AWS cloud

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January 2nd 2014. Australia’s next generation event technology cloud software developer, iVvy Pty Ltd, is preparing for more growth and has chosen to partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support their plans. “Building on our success, we want to ensure that we can securely scale to meet the growing business demand for the efficiencies possible through events technology,” said Lauren Hall, CEO and Founder of iVvy, on announcing the successful migration of iVvy systems to AWS last month [December 2013].

AWS offers iVvy and therefore clients, increased security and reliability while also providing an elastic solution to allow for increases in capacity in minutes.

Using AWS, a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost global infrastructure platform in the cloud, means that with this new capacity, we can handle any size event and any size website.

It also allows us to plan for our growth in products and to wider markets. iVvy’s data will be housed in AWS’s two separate Sydney ‘Availability Zones’, ensuring all clients’ data is protected and kept onshore.

iVvy has achieved 200 per cent growth year on year since its launch in Australia in 2010 and services clients worldwide.

iVvy has developed a broad range of truly integrated Event Management products and Event Apps, using cloud and mobile technology, as well as a new Venue Management System, currently in beta mode.

Using AWS allows iVvy to continue to offer a secure, and robust service which CEOs and CFOs really love.

Cloud business solutions are being accepted for their many advantages, cost control being a major one.

The savings associated with only paying for what you use, and no upfront software fees are hard to ignore in the highly competitive events market.

“Our plans for future development will disrupt existing industry structures through our innovative technology, the power of cloud and our highly skilled engineers,” claims Hall, “And we are future proofing for those plans.”

iVvy is still at an early stage of development according to Ms Hall.

“Sharing our plans for how we are going to shake things up even more will have to wait, but you can be sure that the benefits will be really worthwhile. They will include efficiencies that will bring real time global connexions into play,” she hinted.

Creating business tools that are better, less expensive, more impactful, scalable and of course useful, continues to be iVvy’s goal.

About IVvy

Based on cutting-edge cloud technology, iVvy is Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows users to manage the comprehensive suite of tools with ease from anywhere in the world. Developed in Australia by a team of expert engineers and designers, iVvy is constantly updated and users receive updates immediately. iVvy’s system contains a range of tools important to today’s event organisers and PCO’s including email and SMS marketing, online ticketing and registration features, travel and accommodation, event and delegate management, surveys, mobile apps and powerful reporting and analytics. iVvy’s head office is in Australia with offices and representation in South Africa and New Zealand.

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