Prestigio steals market share from Barnes & Noble

Amazon still way ahead with circa 80 %

As we reported back in June ‘Barnes & Noble to pull plug on colour tablets‘, the book store giant has been struggling with its Nook range of e-readers against the might of Amazon and its Kindle range. Well, mobile data specialist,, decided to look at web traffic originating from e-readers in the United States. Which is a bit more useful that the US-centric data comScore came out with the other day.

One of the most significant findings in 51Degrees’ Chart of the Week was the fact that new kid on the block, Prestigio appears to be taking up over one per cent more of the web traffic share.

In doing so, Prestigio eReaders are managing to beat close rivals Coby. However,  both companies are appearing to take direct chunks of market share from Barnes & Noble, whilst Amazon seems to have been unaffected.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook had previously taken a 15.83 per cent share of the market back in January 2012.

Since then, Barnes & Noble has been taking a web traffic nosedive, dropping down to under 10 per cent of all US e-reader web traffic in June 2013.

GoMo News reckons there could well be another reason why we should see in an increase in web traffic going Prestigio’s way.

We are currently testing the Multiphone 5430 from Prestigio. And guess what? This handset comes as standard with an ‘eReader Prestigio’ app built in.

There’s even an advert for the Prestigio bookstore every time you boot up the handset.

We’ve tried the app out an even signed up for it from the handset itself. Only problem? We’re stuck in Euros not Sterling for our personal account.

Anyway, s we previously reported ‘Amazon poaching of Microsoft veteran fuels rumours of smartphone launch‘, there has been speculation that Amazon might branch out and expand its homegrown hardware lineup with a smartphone.

Now Bloomberg has reported that Amazon have been testing a wireless network, hoping to allow customers to connect to the internet through their own network.

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