Promised Passport from BlackBerry could stem customer loss

Making it easier to put Android apps on BB10 too

the passport keyboard

There have been some pretty comprehensive leaks about BlackBerry’s next BB10 based device – the Passport. Michael Clewley, director of software product management at BlackBerry says it will deliver “a step change in productivity”.  He was writing in an official BlackBerry log which has been removed. So, thanks to mobilesyrup, you can read his blog here. Why does it increase productivity? Because this promised BB10 smartphone has a touch-enabled keyboard. Simultaneously BlackBerry has been making it easier for Android developers to port their apps to BB10 devices (including Passport). This might stem the diminishing loyalty of BlackBerry consumers in 2014 recently discovered by British comparison site Cashforphonescomparison.

The survey showed, for example, that 65.79 per cent of people trading in an old BlackBerry device on the Cashforphonescomparison site said they were upgrading to an iPhone.

Interestingly, 42.1 per cent of people trading in their old BlackBerry device told the site that they’re getting the iPhone 4, while only 5.26 per cent plan to get the iPhone 5S.

However, 6.68 per cent of people trading in an old BlackBerry said they are switching to a Samsung device.

Now that threat might be countered by the gold release of the BlackBerry 10.3 Developer Preview OS, simulator, and SDKs.

BlackBerry claims these tools give developers everything they’ll need in order to get their apps ready for BlackBerry 10.3 and the BlackBerry Passport.

It provides the tools that verify that an app is compatible with the BlackBerry platform; repackage the app as a compatible BAR file; and, crucially, sign the app so that it can be distributed through the BlackBerry World storefront.

Significantly, one of the new tools which can be downloaded from the BlackBerry site here including a BlackBerry Plug in for Android Studio.

More apps could easily help stem the tide of defections from the BlackBerry platform.

Incidentally, 7.89 per cent of people trading in an old BlackBerry said they are staying loyal to the brand, according to Cashforphonescomparison.

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