RadioShack to start selling T-Mobile devices on post-paid plans

radioshack RadioShack has announced a deal with T-Mobile to start offering devices from the network in it’s 4,000+ US. The deal will come into effect August 19, and will see RadioShack selling high-end T-Mobile devices. Including the new Android device from T-Mobile, the myTouch 3G.

In one deal, T-Mobile has pretty much doubled the number of shops where you can buy its devices. And it’s not just the phones RadioShack will be selling. Consumers will be able to buy T-Mobile postpaid plans through RadioShack as well. And T-Mobile is actually a pretty late comer to this deal. AT&T, Sprint, Nextel and Alltel Wireless are all available through RadioShack already.

From the release:

“Our mobility strategy is rooted in customer advocacy, and allows us to offer the best solution for consumers’ needs across multiple carriers, plans, phones and accessories,” said Julian Day, RadioShack’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “RadioShack has a tremendous legacy of innovation, and in a highly mobile world, keeping our customers seamlessly connected to one another is a commitment we are very focused on delivering.”

“RadioShack is focused on growing our mobility category and is committed to providing our customers with a broad selection of the best wireless products and services in the industry,” said Peter Whitsett, executive vice president and general merchandising manager at RadioShack. “The ability to offer a full line of T-Mobile devices, including the hottest exclusive T-Mobile handsets, reinforces RadioShack’s leadership in wireless.”

Doug Chartier, senior vice president of sales at T-Mobile USA, said, “Through our milestone partnership with RadioShack, T-Mobile’s presence in national retail stores expands nearly twofold, giving millions more people the opportunity to readily access our products and take advantage of the tremendous value T-Mobile provides its customers. By combining T-Mobile’s innovative devices and great value with RadioShack’s knowledgeable sales representatives, we expect customers to have an excellent in-store experience.”

What we think?

RadioShack raised eyebrows when it posted colossal losses in Q4 of last year. It quite possibly hopes that getting the latest smartphones into its mobile offering will draw customers in.

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