Re-launching the iPhone 4 in India is a bad move by Apple

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

moto g twice as fast & cheaper than iphone 4

Last week [January 2014], Apple relaunched the 8GB variant of iPhone 4 in India at a price of INR 22,900. There is also a buy back scheme through which consumers can exchange their existing smartphone with a brand new iPhone 4 at a reduced price of INR 15,000. Even though Apple devices generally have longer life, selling a three year old phone to consumers is really asking too much of them. This move from Apple is being heavily criticised by many industry observers as unethical.

Even the price tag for this device is being termed as unreasonable. The device is definitely steeply priced for such obsolete hardware. Furthermore, the iPhone 4 won’t get any further major software upgrades.

Apple may have taken this move to reach its sales targets. Currently, neither the iPhone 5S nor the iPhone 5C have good sales in India.

Earlier, Apple discontinued the iPhone 5 to replace it with the iPhone 5C which has left large numbers of Indian consumers heartbroken.

Many consumers feel that it iPhone 5C doesn’t provide them the premium feel that they generally expect from an Apple device.

Both  the iPhone 5C’s and the iPhone ‘s 5S price (check it out on MySmartPice here) falls in to high-end price range and Apple now fears that they might lose a lot of sales in the mid-price range.

India is currently the third largest smartphone market and is predicted to become the second largest in the world this year [2024] after China.

Every other smartphone company is eyeing  up India as their next big market.

New brands such as Oppo and Gionee have already made an entry in India while Meizu and Xiaomi are expected to do so before next year.

Samsung leads Indian smartphone market and a lot of local brands like Micromax, Lava, Xolo and Karbonn have considerable amount of market share in their pockets.

Even Apple doesn’t want to miss out on sales opportunities in one of the world’s biggest markets but it isn’t as easy Apple thinks.

Motorola is re-entering the Indian market but with a completely opposite strategy to Apple.

Motorola has come up with Moto G, which is believed to launch at an exciting price of INR 15,000 and everyone seems to be excited about it.

Performancewise,  the Moto G is twice as better compared to the iPhone 4 and at a lower price.

Motorola has actually studied the needs of Indian consumers and want to serve their needs by included dual SIM card slots in the Moto G.

This  relaunch is a bad move from Apple and they should reconsider it because consumers are becoming smarter day by day.

They give higher priority to performance rather than brand name.

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Asif Iqbal Shaik is a consumer electronics expert and computer science graduate turned technology Blogger. Asif is obsessed with gadgets, games, internet and technology brands. He is known as ‘gadget guru’ amongst his friends. He works for the Indian mobile phone price comparison web site,
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