Reader tries to post a free iPhone scam on GoMo

You probably won’t get vouchers let alone an iPhone

We’re not exactly sure what the point behind this scam is but we’re 100 per cent positive you won’t get a free iPhone out of it. A reader calling himself Jami Hermann left a comment for us here on GoMo News claiming that he’d found a totally free means of obtaining an iPhone 3 for free. He provided a URL for his ‘web site’ but actually it point at a YouTube video here. The video – made by one Steve Aoki is entitled ‘Cheap Iphone 3 | How to Legally Get a cheap Iphone 3′. The graphic accompanying the video, promises the chance to test and keep an iPhone 5 not an iPhone 3. If you do bother to try this, like us you’ll probably just end up on a voucher site.

In the video, Aoki promises firstly that he will remove the item from YouTube and secondly that after following this ‘glitch’ he received an iPhone within two weeks.

Actually we had a great deal of trouble finding the link which Aoki wanted us to follow.

The graphic is labelled as being from but we could find no such site.

In the end we discovered Aoki wanted us to click on this link -

In turn that took us here and when we filled out the survey we ended up here

Absolutely no sign of an iPhone, free or otherwise. And we won’t even be notified if we have won any vouchers until December 2013.

GoMo News wonders whether these voucher companies actually know what kind of scams are being pulled in order to achieve hits.

If we were UK brand owners like Currys and Argos – whose vouchers are being offered, we wouldn’t be too happy about this.

GoMo accepts no responsibility for readers who fall for this …

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