Red Bull invigorates its F1 branding with neat Spy app

Rating: Finally an app that puts F1 race meets in your diary

Whilst Vodafone has just announced its decision to pull its logo off the McLaren F1 racing cars next year [2014], Red Bull has re-invigorated its F1 branding with a neat little app. Called F1 Spy, the app claims to give deep insights into the glamorous world of F1 racing by reporting on “the real world of F1, not shown on the cameras.” Then, of course, Red Bull is behind not just one F1 race team but two of them. [Toro Rosso as well as Red Bull Racing]. Even though it is free, this app has a facility which GoMobile News has long searched for – the ability to insert the F1 racing meets into your smartphone calendar. It also runs on both iOS and Android.

Although F1 Spy doesn’t offer all of the information which an avid F1 fan would want – it’s jolly good for free.

Let’s be realistic about this – how many people are going to pay the £23.99 for the official F1 Timing app (Premium version)?

Even we didn’t because we acquired the Android version at a discount price last year [2012] as a reward for our previous loyalty to the app.

One thing which stands right out in this app is the close integration it offers with social networking – Twitter.

Users are encouraged to “challenge the F1 Spy” and what better way to do it than via his Twitter account @redbullf1spy – as well as from within the app itself.

As we mentioned above, the app will sync with your smartphone’s diary, so you never forget which race is next.

Plus it makes use of ‘push’ notifications to keep you abreast of all the news.

Curiously, when we looked at the F1 Spy’s output from Second Free Practice at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix, he didn’t appear to be biased towards Red Bull at all.

You can find the app free here on the iTunes store  (iPhone and iPad versions) and Android here in the Google Play store.

Oh, and we forgot to mention that the app itself was developed by Red Bull Media House which claims to have delivered the most-watched live stream in history back n 2012.

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