Report looks at pay-per-download & in-app purchases mobile game strategies

Rating: Juniper’s forecasts include revenue from mobile games advertising

An area which frequently gets overlooked – game monetisation strategies, which form a major part of a new report from Juniper Research. The report is entitled ‘Mobile & Tablet Games: Discovery, In-App Purchases & Advertising’ and those wanting more details should go here. This report provides an in-depth analysis of revenues gleaned from both pay-per-download and in-app purchases and the size of the market for advertising in mobile games. One curious figure is that by 2017, across smartphones and tablets only seven per cent of games will be paid for at the point of purchase.

Naturally, the report also highlights the fact that tablet users are downloading over twice the amount of games onto their devices than smartphone users.

“Tablet games are growing so much because they are such an accessible way for all consumer segments to access games,” observed Siân Rowlands, the report’s author.

By 2017 there will be 64.1 billion games downloaded onto smartphones and tablet devices – over three times that of 2012 – which stood at 21 billion, Juniper predicts.

This high rate of growth is being driven by the increasing number of free-to-play releases, more sophisticated devices, and the global uptake of smartphones, it says.

Social and casual games will remain the most popular genre downloaded, with over half of all smartphone games downloaded fitting this genre.

Key forecasts include: – revenues from pay-per-download and in-app purchases; revenue from mobile games advertising; number of mobile games downloaded; and average amount spent by mobile gamer.

There’s also free whitepaper entitled, ‘Mobile & Tablet Games ~ Playing & Paying’ which can be downloaded from here.

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