Retail landscape will change permanently after this Xmas

Rating: mPowa’s prediction for retail in 2013

Although Boxing Day [2012] is expected to have been the UK’s biggest day in terms of online sales, major retailers – such as Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco, have started their online sales earlier than previous years. “This year [2012] has been more competitive than any previous year. Conditions on the High street have been the fiercest and most challenging yet,” argued Dan Wager, CEO of mPowa. He claimed the current UK retail environment has led to aggressive discounting right across the board- for both online and offline retail.

“Consumers have become wise to the opportunities offered to find bargains and discounts,” Wager observed.

“Although it might well have been helpful to the [UK] High Street to change the Sunday Trading Laws, the biggest change of behaviour has been consumers shopping in the same way as they now bank – online and at all hours,” he added.

Wager firmly believes that, “People now want to be able to shop anywhere and anytime, and using tablets and mobiles allows them to do so.”

mPowa says that Most retailers have seen an exponential rise in the number of orders received by customers using mobile devices.

Retailers who have not responded with speed and agility are likely to be the real casualties of this changing landscape of retail, the company claims.

To backup its arguments, mPowa points to usiness recovery firm, Begbies Trainor, which recently reported today that retailers are in a “critical condition”

The firm predicted there will be a further rise in the number of retail insolvencies in 2013 here.

mPowa beleives it has the answear many retailers are looking for in the shape of a PoS device that enables credit and debit card payments to be made on the go.

The solution consists of a mobile phone app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or BlackBerry devices, and a card reader.

Th reader can be either a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) which can be plugged into the phone’s headphone socket or a chip & PIN device.

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