Rhomobile says if you can write HTML, you can write mobile apps for iPhone 3.0

Rhomobile has announced that it’s Rhodes framework is now available for iPhone OS 3.0. “What’s the Rhodes framework?” I hear you ask. It’s an open source smartphone framework – it allows developers to create apps in HTML and then compile them down into native apps for a variety of smartphones. And while HTML IS a web programming language, Rhomobile is adamant that these are not mobile web applications, but true native apps optimised for each OS.

Rhomobile has announced that this framework now works with iPhone OS 3.0 and the iPhone 3G S. It also supports BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android – and Rhomobile claims that Rhodes gives you full access to the native capabilities of each device, like GPS and camera.

From the release:

“Rhodes is a very easy way to make an application for the iPhone,” said Adam Blum, CEO of Rhomobile. “The Rhodes framework enables anyone, from enterprise developers who want to mobilize their workforce to a consumer who wants to build fun and clever apps, to build powerful mobile applications with about twenty percent of the code used in iPhone apps today.”

What we think?

Interesting. Choosing a language that truly vast amounts of people can use was a smart move from Rhomobile, but automatic transcoding/compiling/optimization has a spotty history with mobile devices. It can lead to unpredictable results. You’re generally better off designing something from the ground up – but for those without the time, funds, expertise or inclination, services like this are a pretty good alternative.

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2 Responses to Rhomobile says if you can write HTML, you can write mobile apps for iPhone 3.0

  1. Adam Blum says:

    Thanks for the article. Regarding whether using HTML to create views is a viable approach for iPhone app development, it is the same as that used by the legions of iPhone developers who are using the WebUIView control to design and implement their iPhone app UIs. The Rhodes framework merely allows you to do what is already becoming a dominant trend in informational iPhone apps (use of WebUIView that is) but get the portability to other devices for free in the bargain. Look forward to more smartphone app development coverage from you guys.



  2. lucky says:

    I agree with you that one of basic for iphone development for front end is HTML
    iphone app development

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