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I wrote about the new Wapple WAPL product a few days ago and the CTO Rich Holdsworth emailed me to say that he was in the US -  but felt I “missed the point”, in my blog post.  Reading the blog post again… he might have a point. 

This is his response

Wapple Architect uses our new markup language it it’s very core. It’s called WAPL, thats Wapple Application Programming Language.


Architect is designed to suit users at the other end of the spectrum to Canvas users, although the two are compatible and can be intertwined by very advanced users.

Canvas is a site building tool that has the ability to absorb dynamic data (feeds, external web calls, external graphics, etc.). It is very much aimed at users who want to use visual building tools. I think its the best system out there for doing this.


Architect is very different. It’s a language that an application can output that whatever an application wants to. So, while Canvas is all about making pages, Architect is all about making applications. To this end, it allows you to mobilise any application – not by transcoding but by actually outputting what you want on screen in WAPL. Our technology is then used to turn WAPL into the perfect markup that any particular device needs.


The great thing is that this means that an application can be mobilised without changing the core logic or data that already supports it. In fact, if that core data or logic is modified, the changes are reflected in all versions, mobile or whatever.


Most importantly, I guess, is that WAPL is a markup language. But its a markup language that we dynamically change into the precise markup language that any device requires.


It’s VERY cody J WAPL is one of those things that means a lot if you program computers but it’s pretty tricky to explain otherwise. Technical docs can be found at You MIGHT find those interesting!


More in an interview later!

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