RIM’s shares surge as ad images of new OS are leaked

Just over a fortnight to go before crucial launch

BlackBerry maker RIM saw a near 14 per cent jump in its share price on Nasdaq last night [11th January 2012] after images of its much-awaited new phone platform were leaked.
RapidBerry, which focuses on BlackBerry matters, posted images of what it claims to be a series of retail advertisement mock-ups which show the OS in various states. It included shots of the BlackBerry 10 home screen and various applications.
Soon afterwards, RIM’s shares moved up rapidly as investors reacted favourably to the news. At close last night the stock stood at $13.76, compared to $11.71 at open.
RIM has set the end of this month as the target release date for BlackBerry 10. With the company struggling to overcome years of financial woes, the release is seen by industry analysts as one of the most important in RIM’s history.
Any return to form cannot come too soon. Last month it was revealed how it had lost a million customers and shipped 500,000 fewer smartphones in the last quarter, though the Toronto-based manufacturer put a gloss on matters by pointing out that it still had some 79 million subscribers globally and that poor sales were merely down to the fact that consumers were waiting for the new BlackBerry 10.
But yesterday, matters weren’t helped when RIM suffered a network outage throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, later blamed on equipment failure at Vodafone.
Meanwhile RIM’s sudden share rise echoes that of Nokia the previous day whose stock climbed more than 18 per cent in New York after Q4 preliminary results revealed how its Lumia smartphone range was selling much better than expected.

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Dave Evans was a long established commentator on both the IT and cellular industries. His last focus was on share price trends within the sector. He passed away in September [2014].
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