Ruckus introduces SPoT Wi-fi based indoor LBS

Utilises patented algorithm gained from  YFind acquisition

lbs driving new opportunities for mnos - lo

Though today’s cellular technologies support outdoor location based services [LBS], they don’t always work well or sometimes even at all indoors. That’s due to the inability of cellular signals to extend far into buildings. Ruckus Wireless reckons it has one answer – using its  Smart Wi-fi instead. Ruckus calls it its Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) service. Given that the majority of smart mobile devices now support advanced Wi-fi capabilities. This is a viable option. Ruckus has just introduced advanced LBS technology using a patented Indoor Positioning algorithm gained from the company’s recent acquisition of YFind Technologies.The snag? It only works over Ruckus’ own access points.

For example, there are plenty of good reasons for businesses – especially those in retail, to get into indoor LBS.

For example, ABI Research estimates here that the indoor locations services market will eclipse $2.5 billion by 2017.

Ruckus claims its SPoT offering is unlike other industry solutions, although GoMo News reckons there are close parallels with Apple’s Beacon technology.

The crucial point is that mobile network operators can use SPoT to deliver location-relevant content

Ruckus Smart Wi-fi coupled with advanced LBS technology is an ideal solution to this problem.

The Ruckus SPoT smart positioning solution offers the following key features: -

  • SPoT Positioning Engine – pinpoints in real time a user’s location in any indoor environment
  • SPoT Location Analytics Dashboard – delivers a rich set of client location information
  • SPoT Engagement Tools – including an SDK and a set of APIs to power a new generation of mobile apps. These tools empower developers to build ‘Location Intelligent’ features into a new generation of mobile applications

“Our innovations in location-based client positioning are driving new opportunities for operators and enterprises to easily leverage their Ruckus Wi-fi infrastructure to support intelligent positioning services indoors,” said Selina Lo, president and CEO with Ruckus Wireless.

IDC’s Rohit Mehra,  vp for network infrastructure,  is also positive. “We see location-based services to be one of the key drivers for wireless LAN market growth starting in 2014.”

Ruckus  reckons its SPoT location ecosystem partners include location analytics companies such as Euclid and Skyrove.

Plus its  mobile application development partners including companies such as Front Porch, ITC Infotech, Purple WiFi, SangInfo, and TechStudio.

The techies are probably interested to know how SPoT works. Well, unlike conventional approaches to Wi-fi based location services, SPoT exploits Ruckus-patented BeamFlex adaptive antenna array technology.

Ruckus BeamFlex technology is  also combined with a variety of advanced location techniques such as RSSI trilateration, RTT (round trip time), and RF fingerprinting and techniques that take advantage of the constant travelling speed of radio waves and packets.

Read the full SPoT Press release here.

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