Rummage touts itself as ripe for Nokiasoft acquisition

We think that Google might be more interested

A UK-based software company called Computer ConQuest reckons that its software is ripe for acquisition from the new behemoth which is Nokiasoft – a term which it reckons has been coined by former Nokia chief, Stephen Elop. Apparently the company claims that Elop has suggested that neither ‘Microsoft Mobile’ nor Nokia will be the long-term brand names that consumers can expect to hear. Which is, of course, interesting. The company also maintains that the emergence of smartphones as devices utilised by millions of people on a daily has made information accessible with just a few clicks of the finger. So what has Computer ConQuest done to combat this situation. Launched a program – Rummage, that only runs on Windows 7 (for PCs). Eh?

“People have access to information and data that even ten years ago seemed unlikely,” said, Hugh Buxton, CEO of Computer ConQuest.

“Our newest platform offers users so much value- with Rummage it has never been easier to organise and utilise data.”

Er, yeah. But the products isn’t even a mobile app yet. The software house says, “Early adopters are asked to review the software and provide and suggestions and feedback.”

Well, our feedback is that this should be some kind of mobile app not freeware that only runs on the latest versions of Windows for PCs.

Computer ConQuest says thatits software uses retrospective tagging – meaning new tags are automatically added to all existing files in the index database.

Which is all very useful when searching large chunks of data. We think that if it’s that good at speeding up search then Google will be more interested rather than Microsoft or Nokia.

For those who are interested you can try it out now on your PC by downloading it from here.

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