Rumours point to Windows Phone 7.8 being imminent

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Well there has been a spurgle of stories about the impending release of Windows 7.8 for those with existing W7 Mango (7.5) smartphones. As we all know now such handsets will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8, so we will just have to be content with 7.8. Or will we? One site says there is something called Windows Phone 7.x. The drawback to these stories (for us here at GoMobile Towers at least) is that the main source of the leak is a Chinese site – WinP whilst the secondary source is a German site WParea. So we can’t be 100 per cent sure what exact details have been leaked. However, both sites have anonymously received Windows Presentation slides which appear to have emanated from Nokia itself.Perhaps the most intriguing suggestion made by WParea here is that there might be a further release of Windows Phone 7 beyond 7.8.

It bases this claim on a presentationslide (in English) which clearly shows the intention to provide a further release of Windows Phone 7 during the stages when Windows Phone 8 updates are being released.

The slide also shows that something called Nokia Extra will be released before the final release of Windows 7.8 ‘refresh’.

WinP China has already reported on how hackers can attempt to launch a version of the Windows Phone 7.8 ROM.

Now back to the rumours that Windows Phone 7.8 is imminent. They are based on presentation slides shown on the WinP site and published here.

The site is guessing that the upgrade could come as early as November 20th [2012] but generally suspects that early December is more likely.

A beta version of the Windows Phone 7.8 ROM is already out there in the wild, of course.

WinP has threads for at least seven different handsets on its site with instructions for the Nokia Lumia 800 & 710, plus five HTC handsets including the Titan.

The site also links to a video made by WPCentral showing 7.8 running on the HTC Titan. The catch is that the ‘jailbreaking’ information is in Chinese so it is hard to follow if you are just using Google Translate (like us).

It would be worth checking the XDA site to see if they have the necessary information in English.

Otherwise check out this thread  on the WinP site for instruction on how to jailbreak your W7 Mango phone to 7.8.

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2 Responses to Rumours point to Windows Phone 7.8 being imminent

  1. harry says:

    Imminetnt? Already been 2 weeks, if that is imminent!

  2. admin says:

    well, it’s not quite December yet

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