Rumours say Microsoft is considering Ericsson chief

GoMo News still thinks Elop should be in the running

ericsson's vestberg

It’s an indication of the way Microsoft is thinking that the CEO of a highly successful mobile company should be rumoured to be in the running to take over from Steve Ballmer at Microsoft. If you want to move the company away from the desktop and into a mobile centric environment why not steal the CEO of what must the the cellular industry’s most obvious survivor – Ericsson? Well, luckily the rumour mill also reckons that there are around another 19 names in the running besides Ericsson CEO, Hans Vestberg. However, GoMo News has for a long time (see here) argued that Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, should get the job because he has all the ruthlessness required for a top slot at the Redmond based operation.

For all intents and purposes, of course, Nokia is now part of Microsoft. And this week we are going to see just how well Windows Phone is doing against the opposition thanks almost entirely to Nokia, of course.

Now most of the speculation about Ballmer’s replacement seems to have been triggered by remarks in a blog made by independent Microsoft director, John Thompson.

Most observers thought that Microsoft would take its time making a final choice for Ballmer’s replacement but Thompson appears to be hinting that it will be sooner rather than later.

Of course, Vestberg who has been chief of the Swedish technology giant since January 2010 is currently riding high.

We think what industry observers are overlooking, of course, is that Vestberg is Swedish.

We know absolutely knowing about the man and whether his personal circumstances would allow him to move to Redmond.

But that pales into insignificance compared to the fact that he would have to fit in what is the epitome of North American business culture which is the beast that is Microsoft.

To us, this would be equivalent of putting John Scully in charge of Apple because he had done such a good job at Pepsi. He simply didn’t fit into the Apple culture.

Whereas Elop is an American who was parachuted into one of the world’s leading mobile companies – Nokia, and turned into a Microsoft off-shoot.

Just to be on the safe side we should also mention that Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s head of cloud computing is mentioned as a possibility.

But we reckon that Stephen Elop has all the right qualifications.

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