Sales of Samsung Galaxy mobiles top 100m

Around 8,000 S3 handsets now sold every hour

Galaxy S3

Sales of Samsung‘s Galaxy S phone series have passed the 100 million mark, the Korean electronics giant has revealed, establishing a new milestone. Figures just released on its Flickr page reveal how the phone has gone from strength to strength, with the Galaxy 3 model alone selling at an average rate of 190,000 units per day.
The best selling phones in the series, however, is the S2 with sales of 40 million, followed by the S3 and S5 which both notched up healthy sales of around 30 million.

Samsung says the line of popular smartphones passed the nine-digit mark two years and seven months after the original Galaxy S was launched.

Meanwhile the manufacturer has confirmed plans to release multiple phones running on its new Tizen platform in 2013, in a counter to Google’s acquisition of Motorola last year and in a bid to ease its dependence on the search giant’s Android OS.

Tizen, developed in conjunction with Intel, is Linux based like Android and as such is expected to make it easier for developers to port their apps across.

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  • Apple is said to have trimmed parts orders for its flagship iPhone 5 due to weaker-than-anticipated demand, according to The Wall Street Journal and Japanese financial daily Nikkei.

    The Californian handset maker has reportedly asked LCD panel suppliers to reduce supply from an initial order for about 65 million units in Q1 2013.

    In September last year Apple announced that five million units of its first handset with 4G LTE support and 4-inch screen were sold in the first three days of release, but has not given any updates since.

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