Samsung drops availability of bada apps thru new store front

Handset vendor renames its store to Galaxy Apps Store

perhaps wonPyo hong has the answer?

It seems that Korea’s Samsung Electronics has decided to re-launch its online app store as Samsung Galaxy Apps – obviously to pump up the Galaxy brand. One change is that there will be a specific section on the new app store just for Galaxy devices named ‘For Galaxy’. You should only be able to see this section if you possess a Galaxy device. The company appears to be encouraging developers to create Galaxy apps using its own SDKs [Software Developers Kits]. At the same time, Samsung has apparently decided to drop direct support for its own mobile OS – bada, on the new store. Its about as clear as mud what will happen for those who still want bada os apps. Where will they go?

This is what Samsung says to those with bada OS Wave devices … “Users may use all the features related to bada OS service on the Samsung Apps website until June 30th 2014, but the services cannot be used thereafter.”

Sounds dire. Then Samsung says … “However, you can continue to use the bada OS store service on your device. We encourage you continue using the store service.”

Yeah, but which store? If you visit the old site, you get redirected to the new site

The company continues .. . “When you go to Purchase History in Samsung Apps, you can update or re-download applications you have purchased before.”

But you can’t go to Samsung Apps! So what does this mean in practice for bada owners?

WonPyo Hong, president of the media solution centre at Samsung Electronics, commented, “At Samsung, we continuously strive to create value for our customers by providing differentiated solutions and services coupled with innovative devices.”

Perhaps he knows the answer?

Anyway, For Galaxy includes up to four sections: -

  • Galaxy Specials lets you download apps specifically created by using Samsung SDKs
  • Galaxy Gifts offers premium apps exclusive on Galaxy devices
  • Galaxy Essentials delivers must-have apps for Galaxy devices
  • Apps for Professionals is the home of business focused apps and other services that fully make use of the features in Galaxy devices

Somehow here at GoMo Towers we don’t think that Google will be quaking in its boots at the thought of a potential sudden loss of millions of Android handset owners.

In other words, we think that Galaxy owners will treat the rebranded store as an extra resource rather than a replacement for Google Play.

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One Response to Samsung drops availability of bada apps thru new store front

  1. James Muriithi says:

    I will definitely not be buying any Samsung product from here on. How am guaranteed that this so-called Galaxy handset will not be phased out and be replaced by too?

    P*ssed-off Bada user!

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