Samsung & LG take another bite out of Apple

Latest Netbiscuits Global Web Trends report

Samsung and LG gain ground as Apple stagnate, while BlackBerry mobile web usage nose dives and Nokia consolidates

Consumers show an appetite for bigger screens, as ‘mobile for everything’ philosophy starts to influence leading vendors’ design strategies

China iPhone launch can’t come soon enough for Apple, as Samsung, LG and local brands dominate consumer web usage in Asian market

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January 29th  2014. Netbiscuits, has released its latest quarterly Web Trends report, revealing big mobile traffic gains for Samsung and LG year-on-year, as Apple device usage stagnated and BlackBerry dropped to its lowest levels to date. The report, based on a sample of over a billion web hits per month rather than device sales figures, also revealed that consumers turned to devices with bigger screens in 2013, placing more pressure on brands to deliver consistent web experiences to an increasingly fragmented market.

Consumers look for more diversity as Apple stagnates

Netbiscuits report showed that Apple’s share of traffic fell slightly to 35.2 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2013, while Samsung showed the greatest gain, reaching 31.6 per cent and LG climbed 2.4 per cent from the third quarter to 4.9 per cent.

Across the top 100 devices on the Netbiscuits Platform, Apple commands a 40.6 per cent share with 10 devices. Samsung captures 32.9 per cent but requires more than double (22 devices) to achieve this, with many more local country variants and screen sizes.

Size matters as consumers show an appetite for larger screens

As BlackBerry disappeared from Netbiscuits top ten device list, so too did representation for smartphones with screens under 3 inches.

All screen sizes above 4 inches recorded a significant increase in traffic, while the biggest loser was the 3 to 3.9 inch segment, demonstrating how consumers are turning to bigger screens on mobile devices to carry out everyday tasks.

This screen size shift means that the average screen size within the top 10 devices has increased from 3.9 to 4.2 inches.

Local preferences prevail

Apple’s greatest share of web traffic unsurprisingly remains in North America, where its share tallies a solid 44 per cent.

In Asia, Apple enjoys strong representation in markets such as Singapore and Australia but, overall in Asia, it trails its rival Samsung with a 29 per cent share, compared to 39 per cent for Samsung.

Samsung’s broad appeal across all regions lies in its ability to offer a multitude of devices that match the preferences of each market.

For example, Asian markets often prefer larger screens but these markets are also more price sensitive. Samsung’s large product range enables it to cater for markets with more specific requirements.

Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is intending to release a 4.5 and 5 inch variant of the iPhone later this year, suggesting the larger screen is now a key consideration for device manufacturers.1

Michael Neidhoefer, CEO, Netbiscuits said, “With such fierce vendor competition and the seemingly-endless emergence of new devices, consumers have never had such a great choice of devices through which to engage with the mobile web.”

“Consumers are also expecting more and more from their mobile experiences, leading them back to bigger screens which allow a better experience to play games, watch movies or interact with activities, such as mobile internet banking.”

“While this choice is a great thing for consumers, it does mean that brands must work even harder to understand how customers are accessing their mobile content.”

“In 2014, we’re sure to see these companies try to get to grips with deeper mobile web analytics tools that give insight, not only into the type of devices customers are using, but also the context in which they are engaging with the mobile web, such as current bandwidth and battery life – these factors will determine the type of mobile experience customers are served up.”

To download the full Web Trends report go here.

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1. The Wall Street Journal, Apple iPhones to Come Out With Bigger Screens, January 2014.

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  1. Such a funny title was given to the post “Samsung & LG take another bite out of Apple”. I am also Samsung/Android fan and congrats them on taking another bite of Apple. :P

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