Samsung to ship ‘half billion plus’ phones in 2013

That’s twenty times more than it sold in 2010

Korean electronics giant, Samsung, says it expects to sell around 510 million phones globally in 2013, cementing its position as the world’s No.1 handset manufacturer. Despite attempts by arch rival Apple to impede its progress with a barrage of patent-related lawsuits, Samsung’s star shows no sign of waning. It says three out of four devices it is on course to sell in the next twelve months will be smartphones and predicts an overall 20 per cent jump in phone sales on 2012.
Research firm Gartner, however, reckons Samsung might be just a little over optimistic in its forecasts.

It has predicted the company’s phone sales in 2013 are likely to fall somewhere between 250 million and 300 million, though that’s still a quantum leap on the mere 23.9 million it sold just two years ago in 2010.

As it gears up for further expansion – Samsung, meanwhile, is expanding its manufacturing base beyond its own shores and into Vietnam, China and India where the lion’s share of new phones will be made.

In Vietnam alone it plans to spend $2.2 billion over the next few years in expanding its factories.

Other plans include building more Microsoft Windows Phone 8 handsets and producing new devices running Tizen, an operating system it has developed with Intel and specifically designed to run across multiple platforms, from smartphones and tablets to TVs, computers and geographical positioning devices.

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