Saturday Night Fever coming to the 4th screen

Rating: Player X gets some decent content

One of the reasons why I believe that the public doesn’t consume as much mobile content and the industry would like is that the content itself is mostly bland.
So it’s good news when one content aggregator I know well, Player X, does a deal with a big Hollywood studio – Paramount.
The tip came from a movie buff who bothers to read the Hollywood Reporter ( Player X goes back to the future) in which it is claimed the deal covers none other than that movie classic, Saturday Night Fever. I must admit I can’t get so excited about the other two – Zoolander and Top Gun.
The clever bit, however, is that this deal doesn’t just cover making a mobile game out of the movie plot. It also covers what Player X terms its retrosodes.
I feel retrosodes aren’t just a good ploy to hook consumers into buying the mobile games, they also give the mobile operators something to put on their portals to demonstrate how good video can look on today’s mobile phone screens.
Player X will, of course, be offering these reprosodes via its geekTV and Zapper TV mobile channels

I phoned Player X’s Monty Munford and he couldn’t talk about the exact details of the deal because lawyers would have a field day. Consequently I can tell you at this point in time how long it is going to be before Travolta starts making his famous moves across your mobile phone’s screen.
It’s also a sign of how slow the cogs turn in the movie industry that Player X’s last deal over retrosodes (with Universal) was way back in 2006. Shame on those movie moguls.

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