Scoopshot helping Brits to monetise handset photos

First major customer is Evening Standard

you could have made money out of this pic felix

Finland’s Scoopshot is making a big push to encourage the UK media and advertising industry to utilise its verified user-generated images service. It has apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone (WP7.5 & above) but not BlackBerry. These apps enable smartphone photographers to get paid for their work. The first high profile UK user is London’s Evening Standard newspaper group which launched with the service on April 3rd. It ran a campaign asking cameraphone users to send in their ‘London photographs’.

The benefits of using a verified service will be appreciated by any news desk as it solves legal issues and protects from forgery.

The company’s authentication process examines every video and image for its geographical location, exchangable image file format (EXIF) data and resolution before embedding its ID number and photographer name into the image.

When taken with the Scoopshot app, the image is transferred directly to the Scoopshot servers without any possibility of image manipulation.

“We were looking for a tool to create a greater level of engagement with our readers and create new content for our web and app,” explained Neil Hunter, digital operations editor, with the Evening Standard.

“Scoopshot gave us the opportunity to do both. The initial results are really promising, readers have been sending in photos and the standard is generally very good,” he added.

It’s good news for smartphone toting budding paparazzi. One mobile photographer  has reputedly earned over £17,000 by selling images to major media outlets, plus individual photos can be sold for up to £5,000.

Given that  £300,000 has been paid to Scoopshooters worldwide and there are nearly half a million users who have taken over 1.3 million Scoopshot photos and videos, don’t give up your day job.

“During the UK floods earlier this yeare very major media outlet featured user-generated images, but how many
editing hours were wasted verifying each individual image?” commented Scoopshot CEO Petri Rahja.

Rahja continued, ” There is clearly an appetite for verified content taken in real time, but many end users in the UK have no way of monetising these images and media have limited resources to verify them.”

When a media organisation runs a campaign, the invitation to participate shows up as a ‘task’ within the app.

At present GoMo News is being invited to take photos of farmers at work on the land. Well, we are in Surrey!

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