Second-click price models can defeat bots, says Adsmobi

Rating: 2nd click renders the system inherently immune to bots

impossible for click bots to create the first click - Yared

Last week we ran a small item about the Chameleon botnet scare here. Basically, the claim is that PCs that have been hijacked and turned into robots (bots) are generating up to nine billion ad views or impressions every month. The ease with which advertising networks can apparently be defrauded by through fraudulently driving up ‘fake’ ad impressions is exceedingly worrying. However, Adsmobi is maintaining that second-click price models can defeat ‘bots’.

The bot scare once more bought to the fore the increasing worry in the mobile ad sector over a similar worry – false impressions caused accidental clicks.

Thousands of false impressions created by users accidentally opening ads on their mobile devices could also wreak havoc in the mobile ads space.

However, Adsmobi says second-click price models mean mobile media buyers, planners and their brands are only charged when a user clicks on their advert for the second time.

This removes a central problem in the smartphone advertising market commonly known within the industry as ‘sticky fingers’. [Not the Rolling Stones LP].

“Our advance mobile advertising framework – provided by partner AdGibbon – uses a script which contains multiple click points, presented in the actual advertising creative,” claimed Ramy Yared, md with Adsmobi.

He continued, “It is possible for the click bots to create the first click, but this click is not measured.”

Naturally, Adsmobi has a solution. “We encrypt our code to avoid any malware intrusion that could generate fraudulent clicks, meaning it is practically impossible for a botnet to register a false impression on the second-click.”

“This renders the system inherently immune to such scams as the one uncovered recently.”

Yared added, “This system is more secure from threats and false impressions, but it is also represents the next step to creating a mature and trusted mobile advertising market.

“It will be the cure to remedy the endemic problem of sticky fingers and accidental click-throughs and ultimately lead to increased confidence and growth in the mobile advertising sector overall.”

So second-click technology actually combats the problem posed by botnets like Chameleon.

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