Seven predictions for 2012 from Metia

Rating: Some of them make a good deal of sense

It seems a bit early to be running predictions for 2012 but these suggestions from Metia (Seattle) ‘s vp, Andrew Martin, seem to hit the right note. He covers the following topics: smartphones aren’t universal yet; mobile websites vs mobile applications; platform fragmentation; the impact of Tablets on Mobile; the future of location-based marketing; and privacy.Prediction No: 1. Not everyone has a smartphone in India, China, Latin America, and Middle America.

Yet Metropolitan marketers could easily believe that smartphones and iPads are in the hands of everyone on the planet.

At best, the majority of consumers are still using feature phones – smartphones aren’t universal. The future of media will require adapting not just to emerging technology, but to emerging markets.

Plus SMS/text still has a higher and faster response rate than email to mobile devices.

No: 2. Mobile websites versus mobile applications. The line between apps and websites will continue to blur. Users care less and less whether something is an app or a mobile web, they just want content.

The technology that brands use to drive their mobile offering needs to be compatible for both experiences. If you can only do one, default to mobile web.

Users will decreasingly store app information separately from web information. There will be a drive toward consolidated access points.

No: 3 Platform fragmentation – brands need to (and are) get(ting) better at addressing the demand for well-branded mobile experiences.

With several platforms available, brands have to jump through different development, design, and release hoops for each one.

Smartphones have finally been around long enough that some best practices are taking shape and brands are able to address customer demand better and faster.

Fragmentation is increasingly important. Three years ago there was only iPhone, and now there is also Windows Phone and Android plus multiple tablets, multiple form factors, and different user behaviours regionally

No: 4. The impact of Tablets on mobile. Tablets have proven to be extremely easy to use and adopt. The impact of this is that children are being trained to use and understand Natural User Interface (NUI, i.e. touch, gesture, and voice navigation) from a very early age.

The latest generation of technology users won’t have any transition or learning curve, they will have a more ingrained understanding of NUI.

No: 5. Mixing brands. Having an app is no longer a differentiator. It has to be well branded because competitors have apps too

App marketing ,it’s not just about creating an application ,it’s about creating an application that is unique to the brand.

Developers are getting better at mobile so they are doing a better job of representing brands on mobile. Best practices finally exist.

No: 6. The trend of location-based marketing and apps. Location-based promotions will be increasingly integrated into marketing programs.

Purely location-based social apps like Foursquare will struggle because other platforms like Facebook are integrating location-based features that make location-based apps obsolete.

No: 7. Privacy- People talk about privacy like it’s a hot button, but they are actually very comfortable releasing confidential information.

Because mobile applications tend to use personal information, this will be a growing issue for mobile application developers to consider.

GoMo News
thinks there’s substance in a lot of this future guessings.

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  1. MGW says:

    This is a test comment to make sure the comment functionality is working again. I think these seven predictions are all correct.

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