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TV advertising that is, not necessarily mobile ads

moving into tv ads big time - fisher

A really intriguing interview with Andrew Fisher who is currently executive chairman with Shazam in the UK publication, Sunday Times.* GoMo News regards Shazam as a pioneer amongst mobile apps because (the company of the same name) achieved something which nothing else had before. Rather than being merely the mobile version of a desktop app, it was unique and groundbreaking. The Sunday Times interview reveals that Fisher is taking the company in a direction which nobody could have predicted – TV ads. Yup, this British techno success story is moving from being purely a mobile into a multi-channel player. In fact, it has embraced TV advertising big time.

For those who don’t actually know what Shazam does, it is the leading music recognition app in the field.

Here at GoMo Towers, we aren’t entirely happy with the direction which Fisher has taken Shazam in. Now it will only recognise a music track which is in its database.

Which we think is a big mistake. Originally, you could play any music to the app (known as tagging) and it would try to guess what it was.

This meant you could even attempt to sing a track that was going around your head to the app and stand half a chance of discovering what it was.

Now, if you are in a pub listening to a covers band playing one of your old favourites that you half remember, it won’t recognise it.

So now Fisher is taking the company away from “if we can’t recognise a track we can sell to you we don’t care” to “let’s make big bucks out of TV advertising.”

What Fisher has discovered is that if the Shazam logo appears in a TV ad (basically so far in the USA), smartphone users will know what to do.

They will ‘tag’ [recognise] the TV advert which then takes them to further mobile content. This has significant advantages.

Fisher claims this turns a TV advert which has a maximum engagement time of 30 seconds into a three minute experience as the Shazam links the consumer to a promo video.

It is a brilliant business to be in since advertisers are reported to be paying as much as $100, 000 a throw for a ‘Shazam enabled’ advert.

It definitely works because over one million  North Americans Shazam ‘tagged’ an advert during the SuperBowl 2012 TV coverage.

And one in three advertisers during the event had paid money to Shazam to be tag enabled.

Now Fisher – who has handed the official CEO job over to Rich Riley, is planning to expand the whole Shazam TV ad tagging concept into Europe big time.

We reckon he will succeed very easily.

Still. It has left us music fans reliant once more on our best mates – likes of Marlon the bike or intellectual Dave.

They at least recognise that the track the cover band is playing is actually  which is the Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.

You can get playlists from the radio or the TV. But you can’t get playlists from the likes of  a pub band such as Fast Buck. They can’t remember what they just played.

Therefore, Shazam is missing out on its core strength in our opinion. If we could have tagged Fast Buck’s version of Seven Nation Army we would have bought it.

We tried it and it wouldn’t work. Tough luck Stripes.

* You can read the full interview online here but only if you have a subscription.

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