Shock as LG Nexus 4 does well in Xmas UK sales

Rating: Samsung creams all over Apple says uSwitch

Surprise performer- LG Nexus 4

Most industry observers would not be surprised to learn that in terms of perceptible UK sales, Samsung’s handsets have outperformed Apple’s offerings in the run up to the crucial Xmas sales season. However, the fact that the LG Nexus 4 relegated Apple’s iPhone 5 and 4S to 5th and 6th place respectively in December [2012] will surprise many pundits. These figures are taken from the current uSwitch Mobile Tracker which is based on live searches, pre-orders and pay monthly sales. It means that the top three most popular Xmas handsets for 2012 were all Samsung Galaxy phones. Having dropped four places, the iPhone 4S became December’s biggest lose and is currently perched precariously in 9th slot.

Why has the LG Nexus 4 – which launched just in time to be a serious contender in the Xmas mobile race, done so well?

The answer is that it boasts Google Now – which learns user habits and uses GPS to provide personalised information like traffic updates for the journey to work.

The handset also features the NFC based Android Beam technology – so much loved by Samsung Galaxy fans- which lets users share photos, videos and contacts simply by tapping their handset to another enabled device.

These figures virtually prove that leaving NFC out of the iPhone 5 was a stupid mistake by Apple’s marketers.

In sharp contrast the Samsung Galaxy S3 – which does support Beam/NFC proved to be the most popular phone of 2012.

Indicative of Apple’s decline without Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5 failed to reach Number One in 2012, but appeared in the top five every month since its September launch.

Further down the chart there was plenty of movement with price crashes seeing the Nokia Lumia 800 rising four places. Not exactly good news for Stephen Elop.

Top Ten Handsets for December – correct on 31st December, 2012

Position Handset Powered by Movement
1 Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Blue Android No change
2 Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Up two
3 Samsung Galaxy Ace Android Up three
4 LG Nexus 4 Android Up one
5 Apple iPhone 4S 16GB iOS Down three
6 Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black iOS Down three
7 Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Up four
8 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Down one
9 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Android Up seven
10 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Android New Entry


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4 Responses to Shock as LG Nexus 4 does well in Xmas UK sales

  1. Yoric says:

    Very interesting to see these figures.

    I can’t help but pull you up on the reasons why the Samsung phones have outsold the iPhone. ‘NFC’ and ‘Google Now’, are you serious? This is not why people are switching to Samsung (Android).

    NFC for touch to beam is only a tiny consideration when buying this phone, and touching to beam in public makes you look like a gimp. Now, if Google got off their arses and sorted Google Wallet for the UK market, then that really would be a reason to get a phone with NFC.

    People are switching for a number of reasons, amongst the most compelling are:

    - Android OS is now really polished, fast and IMO (and that of may others) is now better than the tired iOS. Furthermore, it gives you much more flexibility over how you configure the phone, including look and feel, data sharing and transfer etc. As opposed to the iPhone, do it our way or not at all mentality. iOS is so closed it’s a joke, only allowing Bluetooth between iOS devices ????

    - Most people want a bigger screen. Sure, iPhone has gone to 4inch, whoop-di-doo, get with the times, most smartphone users are looking for 4.5 ich plus these days.

    - WRT the Nexus 4 in particular. This phone has come in a it a ridiculous price. It’s the best phone currently available on the market (IMO), but it’s almost half the price of the other top of the range smartphones, what a bargain. Furthermore, this is one of the first Android handsets (with a few notable exceptions that has a near iPhone finish (not quite there yet, the iPhone is still the class leader here). Imagine if the Play store hadn’t sold out of Nexus 4′s within 30 mins (launch day) and then around an hour (2 weeks later), this phone prob would have been top.

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  3. Igor says:

    Agreed with Yoric. I doubt that ‘NFC’ and ‘Google Now’ have a large impact on the sales of these phones.

  4. Jo says:

    Yoric has it basically right, NFC is turned on most s3 ‘s to ensure a longer battery life, and google now!?! are you kidding?
    The nexus 4 is a quality handset at the right price point, everyone I know who knows what they are talking about is trying to get one, but they just aren’t available

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