Shopitize puts a little Philly in its app

Rating: Mobile couponing app now features Philadelphia with Cadbury

up to 30% redemption rates- shopitize's graham halling

A nice feather in its cap for UK based mobile couponing specialist,Shopitize. The company has just announced that pne of the strongest brands in UK retail – Philadelphia with Cadbury, has just gone with its service. The pair say that the principal goal with the teaming of Philadelphia with Cadbury and Shopitize is to get deep insight into the shopping habits of savvy shoppers – those using the Shopitize mobile app-based service. Plus to develop a forward digital marketing strategy as a result.
Currently, around 15,000 savvy shoppers in Britain,  including GoMo News, have been using Shopitize’s money-saving app over the past three months on a regular basis.

The company claims that the mobile coupons its app supplies can get up users to 80 per cent cashback on the RRP of theproducts they buy.

Besides Philadelphia/Cadbury, other major brands using the Shopitize service to gain an insight into the shopping habits of their shoppers include General Mills, Kellogg’s and United Biscuits and our personal favourite, Aunt Bessie’s.

Once you loaded the app onto your iOS/Android based smartphone, you visit the local supermarket and match products with coupons featured in the Shopitize app.

Using the app, you then scan the barcodes of the items on offer and next take a snap of the shopping receipts.

It isn’t very clear that you could scan the products after you have made the purchase, rather than doing so in-store before you reach the till [PoS].

Although conversely, it proved useful to scan the products in-store because you have to be sure that the size on the coupon is actually sold at your particular location.

In one case it wasn’t and GoMo News would have been cheezed off to have bought those particular biscuits only to find there was no cash back.

“Since launching our paperless cashback couponing service just three months ago, Shopitize has established that grocery deals featured in the app generate on average 15 per cent redemption rates and up to 30 per cent in some cases,” commented Graham Halling, commercial director of Shopitize.

He adds, “As more and more brands team with Shopitize to obtain precise data sets and analytics on customer shopping habits, they’ll be able to finally define and implement a dynamic mobile marketing strategy based on fact for the first time.”

Shopitize’s Android app can be downloaded from Google Play here, and Shopitize’s iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes App store here.

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