ShoppSavvy unveils its 2d mobile barcode plan – it’s Snappr!

shopsavvyBack in January this year, mobile shopping service ShopSavvy announced that 2d mobile barcodes would be coming to it’s platform – in the form of the popular QR Code standard. What we didn’t know was how ShopSavvy would be bringing QR onto its platform. Now it turns out that its through the purchase of mobile barcode veterans and QR Code experts Snappr. So let’s have a brief look at what each company does, and then at what they can achieve together.


ShopSavvy is a smartphone app that helps you to shop smarter. It scans the traditional barcodes that you can see on any product in a shop. Once you’ve scanned the barcode, ShopSavvy provides you with information from all over the world about how much that product costs elsewhere. It allows you to comparison shop while on the go, and even provides a list of local shops that have the product, and directions to those shops on a map. It’s available for iPhone, Android, WinMo and Nokia smartphones.


Snappr was a combination of user-generated content and mobile barcodes. The idea was that you could create any content, tag it with your own QR Code and publish it through Snappr. It was a good idea, but the company ultimately failed. However, the technology behind their QR Code scanning and comparison service was highly desirable to ShopSavvy.

And so the purchase was made. Philip Stehlik, founder and CEO of Snappr, is getting a place on the ShopSavvy board of advisors. And as ShopSavvy itself said “The Snappr acquisition has been instrumental in our QR Code program.”

What will this mean for ShopSavvy?

This isn’t just about functionality. ShopSavvy is getting behind the promotion of QR Codes to Western audiences in a big way. 2D barcodes are still pretty much unknown in large parts of America and Europe. What ShopSavvy is trying here is an attempt to get both brands and consumers more interested in QR Codes.

The current function of ShopSavvy (to scan Universal Product Codes) is a global standard – UPC codes appear on pretty much anything that it’s possible to buy. But QR Codes don’t have that kind of existing placement. So ShopSavvy wants to attract brands to use the Snappr ability to create their own QR Codes and publicise them through ShopSavvy. And, of course, because 2d codes can provide better data service than 1d codes, ShopSavvy is offering a completely free tracking service for these brands, so they can see exactly how effective the campaigns are by clicks, time and location.

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