ShowStoppers 2009: TouchaTag, BOLT, Opera Turbo

I had a great ShowStoppers experience with some great companies. We took a lot of video that we will publish shortly. But names to mention.

What stood out?
Tikitag or Touchatag from Alcatel Lucent stood out. It was an RFID and 2D barcode service for the globe with its only reader shipping for EUR 30 and the chance to purchase instant RFID tags (video and interview coming).

BOLT is a new mobile browser and I started by saying “do we need another browser?” But it was very very fast and very very clean (video and review coming)

Opera Turbo after writing about Opera Turbo last week I couldn’t wait to test it. Unfortunately it looked great for several sites but not GoMo News. More on that later.

Cian also interviewed Zeemote, Device Anywhere, Enterprise Ireland people including Newbay and Dial2Do and I had a great great chat with the CEO of Transverse.

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GoMo News' founder and former managing editor, Bena Roberts has now moved on. She's now spending more time with her family. Tony Dennis has now assumed her mantle as the site's editor.
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