Silverstone motor circuit web site gets all responsive

Celebrating 50 years of hosting British F1 Grand Prix

about providing a personalised journey - robins

Here at GoMo Towers, we’re big fans of Formula One motor racing so we got pretty excited when the folks at Advanced Ticketing got in touch to say they put in a mobile friendly site for the guys at Silverstone. The venue is celebrating holding its 50th British Grand Prix this year (3rd-6th July) [2014]. Part of its goal to offer a world class customer experience, Silverstone introduced a new commerce platform, TALENT Sport from Advanced Ticketing. For the first time customers can now purchase anything from Silverstone from any mobile device as it now has a fully responsive website. To date, some 49 per cent of the purchases it has received via the new system are from mobile, Michaela Robins, head of IT at Silverstone Circuits, has claimed. We think that figure could be much higher.

Michaela Robins commented, “We have ambitious plans for Silverstone to become a destination venue and Advanced Ticketing proved to be the right partner.”

She continued, “Everyone is talking about providing a personalised journey for customers but very few are actually delivering this.”

The TALENT Sport system covers not just ticketing, travel, accommodation and parking options, but also voucher redemptions – allowing customers to redeem vouchers and upgrade gifts.

All customer data will be held within the TALENT Sport solution so Silverstone
will use this information to engage with visitors in a more tailored way by
building unique customer profiles.

This should help to drive attendance and reward loyalty with targeted and relevant offers.

And there’s the rub. The site has gone over to very high pressure sales approach which we think some fans will dislike.

Plus – in order to build an accurate profile of customers, it asks for very detailed information.

That’s not the sort of thing those with smartphones will enjoy keying in.

GoMo News thinks that smartphone users would prefer a much more streamlined version of the site by being able to opt out of further offers.

Visit the site at and see the number of key presses you need before you even remotely get near to buy an F1 ticket.

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