SIM roaming specialist Top Connect predicts Germany will win World Cup

That’s all based on Skype calls so it must be right then

fan support is a team’s 12th man - markin

Specialist roaming SIM supplier, Top Connect, is now predicting that Germany’s football team will win the soccer fanatics’ version of the Super Bowl – the World Cup. We’ve heard of data mining, but the way in which this Estonia based company (just in case you thought there was a bias) reached its conclusion is fascinating.  Thanks to its unique relationship with (Microsoft owned) Skype, the supplier of the call back TravelSim roaming card has analysed its traffic. In particular it has looked at German, Dutch and Argentinian users of its SIMs. Relevant nations given that the English team out of the competition in the very early stages but their teams are still in contention. Top Connect is now reporting an impressive 21 per cent increase in free Skype calls being made to TravelSim users currently watching the World Cup in Brazil.

According to a traffic analysis run by the telecoms specialist firm there has been a significant  upsurge in the number of Skype users calling those utilising TravelSim  SIM cards.

It’s found out that 11 per cent of fans at the World Cup receiving free Skype calls to their mobile phones were German users.

That compares to the six per cent that were made to Dutch (Holland) users and four per cent went to Argentinian fans.

Asked which country will win the World Cup 2014, Mikhail Markin, head of TravelSim’s product development, commented, “Well, fan support is a team’s 12th man on the pitch so according to our Skype traffic statistics, it’s Germany.”

Funnily enough, GoMo News‘ money is placed on Argentina to win given that we were provided with a free £10 bet after placing a bet from a mobile phone on the Epsom Derby horse race.

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