Skype may release BB 7 client for Indonesian BlackBerries

Now that Chen seems to have cuddled up to Microsoft

you can run skype under BB10 on a Z3

With BlackBerry’s John Chen seemingly building on a close relationship with Microsoft (see ‘BBM for Windows Phone app may be imminent‘), the next obvious move is for Skype to open up its platform to all BlackBerry owners – not just those who happen to own a BB10 device. We’ve downloaded Skype onto our BlackBerry Q5 handset, for example. As regular GoMo News readers will know, Skype is now part of Microsoft. And talking of parts of Microsoft – so is Nokia these days. Which is why BlackBerry has announced that it will be making a BBM client available for not just Windows Phone handsets but for the Nokia X (Android/AOSP) handset, too. The key here is Indonesia.

BlackBerry has noticed that in some Asian markets – and Indonesia in particular, its brand is more sought after than rivals such as Apple’s iPhone; Samsung’s Galaxy and Nokia’s Lumia.

Hence, it intends to market its entry level BB10 handset – the Z3 (codenamed Jakarta) to Indonesia first.

Indonesian Z3 owners will be able to run Skype on it but that will be a great disappointment to BlackBerry’s existing BB7.x users.

So will Skype fix the problem and release a BB7 client? We think so.

Firstly, because it can’t be too much of an effort. There already is an official Skype app which will load onto BB7 devices.

It was created for Verizon users only in the USA and you can download it by typing in this URL manually (don’t cut and paste) –
Better still, there is also version for an Asian operator – Telkomcel. Where does Telkomcel operate? Part of Indonesia – Timo-Leste.

So a BB7 Skyep app in Indonesian must already exist. Sadly we don’t know where you can download it from.

We’re not sure exactly why it on works only on specific operators’ networks but it can’t be too difficult to modify the code to work with far more operators’ networks.

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