Smart devices could backfire on Apple & Google

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There’s been a great deal of buzz surrounding the latest outing which Googles’ ‘Glasses’ got at the recent SXSW show in Texas. GoMo News can fully understand the benefit of a ‘heads-up’ display on a set of glasses which would provide a very user friendly UI linked to some kind of mobile device. But the latest reports claim that the glasses will start to capture images using a forward facing camera. Google apparently hasn’t learnt a thing from the furore surrounding Street View. Invasion of privacy is written all over it. There’s also been some very detrimental publicity surrounding cameras in watches which won’t help Apple’s iWatch.

Apple is in deeper trouble over the introduction of its smart device than Google is. In the case of smart glasses the downside is still theoretical. Not so with smart watches.

Unfortunately for Apple, the perils aren’t merely theoretical. In the UK an individual has already been caught by the legal system for misusing a ‘smart’ watch.

What we are referring to here is a British doctor (GP), Dr Davinerjit jeet Bains, who has been struck off by the General Medical Council for recording intimate examinations of his female patients via a camera inside his watch.

The watch in question has been commonly described as a James Bond style ‘spy’ watch. But there is no escaping from the fact that it boasted a camera and recorded images. Sounds pretty ‘smart’ to us.

We’re not quite sure how on Earth a camera attached to a wrist managed to capture such intimate scenes but we can envisage plenty of women demanding that their boyfriends take off their smart watches before they go to bed.

The same applies to glasses. Google’s product hasn’t even been made publicly available yet but still a bar in Seattle’s Belltown, The 5 Point, has already demanded that its clientele remove them if they want to participate in drinking in the establishment.

The proof will be in the pudding. The sex industry is notorious for putting the very latest affordable new technologies to good use.

We can see services being offered along the lines of ‘What the Butler’s watch/glasses saw’ utilising such devices.

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2 Responses to Smart devices could backfire on Apple & Google

  1. MrClean says:

    I don’t think it will be adequate for a woman to demand that a mate’s watch come off before bed. if it can capture intimate images while worn on the wrist, surely it can do so while laying on a nightstand, or dresser! The only recourse will be to demand that it be put in a drawer. Or another room!

  2. admin says:

    You are right. We believe that the naughty doctor was actually caught by insisting a watch left in the bathroom [shower] wasn’t moved!

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