Smartphone sales overtake basic handsets for first time

But it’s Samsung still taking the lion’s share of the market

is Lenovo the dark horse of smartphones

Sales of smartphones globally have for the first time overtaken those of more basic handsets, latest figures from Gartner reveal. In the second quarter of 2013 smartphones accounted for 51.8 per cent of global mobile sales, with the Gartner survey also revealing that BlackBerry has fallen behind Microsoft as the third most popular operating system – losing almost half its market share in the past year. In total, some 225 million smartphones were sold in the last quarter, with South Korea’s Samsung accounting for 31.7 per cent of the market, way ahead of Apple which commanded just 14.2 per cent.

Lesser known manufacturers LG Electronics, ZTE and Lenovo – the latter of which relies on China for the bulk of sales – made up 13 per cent of the market combined, with the remaining 40 per cent split between the rest.

Apart from BlackBerry, another notable casualty was one-time leader Nokia which sold just 61 million handsets in Q2, down from 83 million a year ago, although sales of its flagship Lumia range bucked the downward trend as new models were introduced.

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