Smartphones killing Brits sex lives

28% check their smartphones during sex act

not at the expense of real life - myers

They say that there’s an app for everything these days, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are apps to improve your sex life. This discovery was made by none other than the UK’s Sun newspaper, of course. It then went on to rate five of the leading sex apps for iOS and Android. The article was prompted by shock findings from a survey carried out for by market research and polling agency, Carter Digby. They asked 1,500 couples in the UK between 18-30 a range of questions on their sex lives and smartphone usage habits. A shocking 28 per cent revealed they have even checked their phone during sexual intercourse.

Here’s another shocker – 40 per cent have turned down sex with their partner in favour of playing on their smartphone.

Can you imagine the strap line? “Four out of ten women prefer to play our game than have sex.” Unbelievable.

More worrying is the fact that 74 per cent of Brit couples admit they get angry when they were interrupted while using a smartphone.

Rob Myers, md with, commented, “Smartphones are important but they shouldn’t come at the expense of real-life relationships.”

He continued, “More couples are sacrificing their sex lives for addictive apps and the materialistic world of social networking.”

Now back to The Sun‘s Top Five apps for spicing up sex lives. At No.1 was the Cosmo Sex Position of the Day for iOS here and Android here.

Next came an app named Kindu, followed by another simply entitled Passion.

In fourth was Sex Checker which was accompanied by this description …. “finds positions based on your sexual preferences using a very complex algorithm.”

Bet its inventor was very proud of him/herself! Wonder whether there’s any in-app advertising?

The find sex app was Sexulator but that scored a very poor four out of ten.

Let’s hope that GoMo News readers don’t suddenly start sending in their suggestions because we certainly aren’t going to start testing such apps.

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