smartSMS from cloud.IQ combines SMS & voice for marketers

Rating:Helps drive higher customer engagement levels

A new digital marketing app that enables any organisation to simultaneously engage with its customers through two core communication channels: – text and voice, has just been launched. The new app, smartSMS, from cloud.IQ integrates SMS with human dialogue and interaction. The company claims that to date only the largest of organisations have been able to afford to use SMS in a semi-automated way due to the cost and complexity of the systems on the market. With smartSMS organisations will be able to combine voice call backs with SMS – and text is considered the most reliable, responsive and cost effective marketing channel according to Ofcom’s 2011 [ eighth] annual Communications Market Report.

The company claims that the new app can help to drive up customer engagement levels; increase donations amongst charity givers; and delivering appointment reminders to reduce missed consultations

James Critchley, cloud.IQ’s CEO, claims that there is huge demand to integrate SMS and voice into marketing.

He commented, “Research shows SMS combined with voice integration is a powerful communication tool for businesses.”

That same research from UK regulator, Ofcom, showed that that 97.5 per cent of text messages are read within five seconds of being received.

Critchley said, “We also know that consumers who have opted in are happy to be contacted by text as it helps them with something they’re interested in.”

As with all cloud.IQ applications, the smartSMS app is delivered via the cloud meaning it can be deployed quickly and easily.

SmartSMS is the company’s fourth app following the earlier release of callME, cartRecovery and mobileWeb earlier.

Organisations can set up SMS campaigns for customers who have opted in to receive texts and these customers are presented with the option to reply via text or receive a call back from the sender.

If a call back is requested, the process is immediately automated to connect an available agent to the customer.

The automated call back ensures that the re-connect rate is maximised and, more importantly, the customer doesn’t have to queue.

Organisations can also use smartSMS advanced management features to track callbacks, call duration, enquiry outcome and analyse open rates so they can fine-tune future campaigns in a dynamic way.

All cloud.IQ apps are available from one online interface, providing marketers with a single dashboard and simplified digital marketing experience.

Read the full Press release here

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