Sony’s real tablet for real people

GoMo gets hands on with Xperia Tablet Z

Whilst other publications might rave about how the Xperia Tablet Z from Sony Mobile Communications will be the first to run a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro ‘asynchronous quad core’ processor, GoMo News says, “Who really cares? This is product is a real tablet for real people – it meets IP55 and IP57 standards, for starters. So in layman’s terms it should survive a dip into the wash basin or a cup of coffee spilt over it – unlike certain other leading tablet products. GoMo News spent an hour playing with the Tablet Z pre-commercial availability (late May 2013).

To try to sum up the Xperia Z tablet, it’s all about integration with other electronic devices – Sony ones, for the main part.

But Sony’s desire to enable your tablet to work seamlessly with your TV set and your handset makes far more sense that Microsoft’ objective of making a desktop PC work like its smartphone.

Our most significant discovery is Sony’s pledge to make one touch functions a key component of its device range.

So GoMo News put this claim to the test and found that there’s still some way to go.

This is, of course, the danger of putting a pre-production model in the hands of a journalist.

Which is probably why the device was demanding we should report several crashes immediately using something called Flash Gordon 3. [Obviously a reporting tool.]

Incidentally, the Xperia Tablet Z we had was running Android 4.1.2 but Sony promises an upgrade to 4.2 after launch.

A quick look around the Xperia Tablet Z really showed Sony’s desire to enhance inter-Sony product connectivity.

Clues are support for DualShock 3 (for games); screen mirroring (games & TV); and remote control (TV).

There’s also a facility calling itself ‘throw wireless play’ under Xperia. Gaming fans will know what that it is.

We think this latest strategy by Sony will work.

Funnily enough more than previous attempts to highlight the convergence on the music front for its smartphones with its Walkman brand and its Cyber-shot for cameras.

Incidentally, we have no idea what ‘Exmor R for mobile’ is on the camera front but the Tablet Z supports it.

Finally, we obviously had no chance to road test Sony’s ‘Battery Stamina’ facility in our hour playing with the Xperia Tablet Z.

But according to the blurb Stamina can help your tablet’s battery last for days rather than hours. Another sign of a real tablet for real people.

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