Spain’s Tuenti Móvil hooks up with Tweakker’s for instant online

Subscribers get their handsets configured for data in seconds

In order to fuel its global growth, Spanish MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] Tuenti Móvil, has announced a strategic partnership with  mobile connectivity specialist -Tweakker. The deal will enable Tuenti’s subscribers to connect to the Internet in a handful of seconds anywhere in the world. Which means they can begin sharing files, images, sounds and video messages with friends virtually immediately. Under the terms of the Tuenti/Tweakker agreement, Tuenti’s mobile customers will have access to Tweakker’s application programming interface (API) and will automatically receive handset settings from power-up if their devices support over-the-air (OTA) configuration.

José Manuel Rey, operations manager with Tuenti Móvil, explained, “By adding a mobile offering to our core social comms activity and targeting world markets, it was clear that maximizing the customer experience from power-up whatever the country and getting them connected would be vital to success.”

“And for that, we chose Tweakker.”

“Tuenti is innovating with its new messaging and social communication app and has the perfect platform to launch a mobile offering,” commented Tweakker’s CEO, Dennis Juul Poulsen.

He added, ” This strategic agreement ensures that Tuenti’s mobile customers will become instantly online whatever the brand and will reduce substantially the number of calls into its customer care centres on connectivity issues.”

Often called the ‘Spanish Facebook’, Tuenti claims to be the first technology company to have coupled a social Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service with an integrated mobile application and the first ‘Telco 2.0′ to offer a completely in-the-cloud phone service.

Its core product is a single integrated communications service that incorporates a messaging service and social tools for chatting, sharing photos like selfies, sounds and video messages and experiences with friends.

Tuenti is multi-platform and multi-device so that users can start a conversation on a laptop PC, pick it up on a mobile phone, and continue the conversation by logging in on a friend’s phone, allowing seamless share moments with friends from multiple devices.

With a complete chat history available in the cloud simultaneously from any device, messages are always in sync.

Information is sent securely via SSL and activity on Tuenti is never indexed in Google, a feature appreciated by millions of users who trust Tuenti with their private communications every day.

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