Specialised music mobiles are rapidly becoming irrelevant

It’s all about cloud music and streaming

Micromax Canvas Music A88 - the last of the dedicated music phones?

Do you remember back when there used to be mobile phone that specialised or  which were bragged about their music capabilities? These were times when there were the Sony Ericsson Walkman and Nokia XpressMusic series phones. But the times have changed, and there is less attention paid to the music capabilities of a phone when a consumer makes a buying decision. It’s more about cloud music. experience.

Between 2005 – 2010, music phones were ultra popular. The so-called music phones generally used to come pre-installed with a flashy music player interface.

Even the inbuilt storage capacity used to be considerably higher compared to others or they were bundled with high storage capacity external memory card.

Some brands used to brag about the music playing endurance of their music phones.

For example, a phone like Sony Ericsson W550i was the first Walkman branded mobile phone. There was also the Nokia N Series Music Edition.

Today there are still some music orientated mobiles like Micromax Canvas Music which comes with decent JBL on-the-ear headphones for better quality listening.

Its not that people don’t care much about music quality now, but now it’s all about how they simplify accessing music.

The word ‘Cloud’ is being slapped onto every other term so the emergence of cloud music was inevitable.

With Internet hitting new speeds everyday, and the introduction of 3G and 4G Internet plans at cheaper rates, people are not afraid of streaming music.

Consumers now don’t feel the need to transfer files their devices every time they desire to listen to music.

Instead they just hit the Spotify icon and all their favorite music is there, ready to entertain them.

There are a lot of good quality music streaming services in the market, whether you want paid-for ones or free ones.

Here’s a list our Top Five music streaming services:-

1. Spotify – is the probably best music streaming service because it has largest collection of music with over 20 million songs in over 50 languages.

It has a reallycool Radio service which is absolutely free to listen. It has client apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

2. Pandora – Pandora is a pure Internet streaming radio service which is free. But users need to pay $3.99 for Pandora One if they want to listen to music without ads. This is the most popular Internet Radio service as of now.

3. TuneIn Radio – if you are still fond of listening to real Radio, is here which brings most of the popular radio channels to a mobile phone for free.

4.8Tracks – a unique crowd-sourced music streaming service which is completely free to use.

Songza – a mood based music streaming service that tries to suggest playlists to you that suit the day of the week, time and your mood. Songza is free right now but you are allowed to skip only for a number of times. Also it is currently limited to only a few countries and has apps for Android and iOS only.

Here are our two Top Tips for upcoming Music streaming services to look out for: -

1. Google Play Music All Access – An upcoming music streaming service from Google which will compete with Spotify and radio. It is available on a subscription based model at a rate of $10 per month.

2. Apple’s iTunes Radio - yet another upcoming music streaming service from Apple. The best part is that it is completely free as supported by advertisements.

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