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Sprint has launched Sprint Web.

What is it?

It is an adaptive home page that delivers content based on customers use with a search from Google.

From the press release
“Sprint customers have always been able to access the Internet on data-capable Sprint phones, and with Sprint Web we’ve made it even easier for them to quickly find the information that they need,” said Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product and technology development for Sprint. “Sprint Web automatically learns what content the customer likes and puts it on their home page, along with Google search of the full Internet. This allows Sprint customers to get the most from the Internet on their phones even faster, when and where they want to, with the Now Network(TM).”

Who is behind this home page?

The personalised home page is from ChangingWorlds. We have written about ChangingWorlds a few times and it seems as though the home page is not on the idle screen but one click away. But once clicked the home page is personalised to the preferences of the user.

Google is also the new search on home page of Sprint Web.

Additional details
Sprint Web is available today on 40+ popular Sprint phones, including RAZR2 by Motorola, Centro by Palm, Rumor by LG, Upstage by Samsung, and Katana DLX by Sanyo. Sprint plans to make Sprint Web available on virtually all Web-capable Sprint feature phones over the coming weeks. The introduction of Sprint Web follows Sprint’s launch earlier this year of a more PC-like open Internet browsing experience on its phones, which provides more user-friendly renderings of Internet sites, even those not optimized for mobile devices.

Sprint Web and Google search are available at no additional charge to Sprint data subscribers, including customers subscribing to Everything plans such as the $99 Simply Everything(SM) plan, Talk/Message/Data Share plans and data packs. Standard data usage charges apply for customers without a data subscription.

Sprint is committed to offering its customers an enhanced mobile Internet experience, along with mobile content and applications, when, where and how they want them:

What we think?
Hmm. I thought that Microsoft was the white label search for Sprint and then it was InfoSpace (Now Motricity- or something like that)? Now it is Google? Also this seems to follow the recent Open Web (was that Novarra) transcoding service.

So, if I get this right we have Sprint Web which is the open Internet. Sprint data which is the tariff. Open Web which is the transcoding open Internet and white labels seem to have vanished?

Apart from ChangingWorlds where are the white labels. ChangingWorlds seems to be muscling into new ground with its personalisation portal service (great as long as users opt-in to this).

Can that be right – is it right? Are there any white labels on Sprint for mobile search? Or is Sprint just following a test, change try and re-try policy as it finds it feet in the mobile Internet?





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