StartMeApp launches Mobile RTB exchange, enabling real-time programmatic buying and selling of Latin American & global mobile media

StartMeApp mobile RTB exchange leverages proprietary RTB technology to connect advertisers, agencies, publishers, mobile ad networks & other exchanges for real-time bidding on content inventory in Latin America and worldwide

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November 19th 2013. StartMeApp, the global mobile advertising innovator and Latin America’s leader in mobile advertising, has announced the launch of StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange, connecting advertisers, agencies and trading desks, publishers, mobile ad networks and other exchanges around the globe in the real-time, programmatic buying and selling of mobile media in Latin America and worldwide.

The first of its kind to operate in Latin America’s rapidly developing mobile advertising marketplace, StartMeApp’s Mobile RTB Exchange transforms the StartMeApp mobile ad network into a real-time global mobile auction place, enabling advertisers, agencies and demand-side platforms (DSPs) to automatically place split-second bids for the purchase of mobile content at cost-effective prices that best reflect the value of each impression for each and every advertising campaign.

StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange also connects with other leading ad networks worldwide, as well as ad networks in Latin America and around the globe, enabling advertisers, agencies and publishers using those platforms to access the StartMeApp exchange’s competitive, real-time auctions for an extensive inventory of Latin American and global mobile content made available through StartMeApp’s strong relationships with all major publishers worldwide.

“StartMeApp is very pleased to present our new Mobile RTB Exchange platform to the global mobile advertising community, providing competitive real-time bidding on mobile content inventory worldwide while offering advertisers first-time-ever direct access on an RTB auction platform to Latin American mobile media buying,” said Alejandro Campos Carles, co-managing director and founder, StartMeApp.

“StartMeApp’s strong relationships with leading LatAm and global mobile content publishers, combined with the ad-serving capabilities of our own high-frequency demand-side ¬†platform (DSP), uniquely positions StartMeApp to serve global brands and agencies that seek to tap into Latin America’s expanding mobile advertising market through StartMeApp’s new Mobile RTB Exchange platform,” said StartMeApp co-managing director and founder, Gaston Fonzo.

The StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange is an automated, real-time auction platform that leverages StartMeApp’s own proprietary RTB technology to let advertiser-buyers and publisher-sellers and their respective agents arrive at split-second agreement on the value of ad impressions corresponding to specific mobile content, served over mobile and wireless networks to consumers matching pre-specified demographic profiles in precise locations in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Advertisers benefit from StartMeApp’s new Mobile RTB Exchange through sharp reductions in the hyper-mediation of multiple players in the media-buying process and because of total transparency in the real-time bidding process – unique in Latin America mobile media buying to date.

By reducing costs associated with hyper-mediation and providing advertisers with critical access to data and transparent targeting of the right audience in real time, StartMeApp provides the lowest possible pricing on content inventory in Latin America and worldwide, eliminating wasted impressions and maximising adspend through highly cost-effective mobile ad campaigns.

Agencies will find that StartMeApp’s new Mobile RTB Exchange provides increased control over campaign performance, generating adspend efficiencies that deliver better results for clients and facilitate more effective planning across multiple client campaigns.

StartMeApp also enables those agencies that prefer to retain greater control over management of client campaigns to use StartMeApp technology to build their own white-label RTB marketplace, while still enjoying the same benefits for their clients of real-time bidding on the StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange.

Publishers connecting to StartMeApp’s Mobile RTB Exchange will enjoy access to a larger, more robust pool of advertiser and agency media spend and higher revenues through a real-time bidding market designed to maximise value on each impression.

StartMeApp’s Mobile RTB Exchange facilitates the optimal pricing of premium mobile content inventory while enabling maximisation of inventory overall, including remnant inventory often left unsold by traditional mobile advertising network sales teams.

The StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange serves mobile ads in 120 countries across five continents and currently delivers 30 billion impressions monthly across its mobile advertising platform worldwide.

StartMeApp is connected to all leading buy-side mobile ad networks and exchanges worldwide, as well as all major global sell-side providers of rich-media apps and mobile content, including carrier on-portal audiences, mobile web sites, WAP sites and applications traffic.

About StartMeApp

Since its launch in 2011 StartMeApp has delivered tens of thousands of effective brand campaigns for clients that include well-known global and regional corporate brands, such as Coca Cola, Skype, Audi, Adidas, Air France, Fox Latino, Chevrolet, Samsung, Microsoft, Peugeot, Allianz, Claro, and others.

StartMeApp’s popularity among brands and ad agencies stems from the network’s emphasis on brand safety and transparency, allowing advertisers to see exactly where impressions are served as they target premium mobile content from leading publishers that include Rovio, Reuters, Sega, WordPress, Flixter, Grooveshark, Nimbuzz, ESPN, Zynga, Accuweather, Craigslist, The Weather Channel and many more.

StartMeApp’s unique ad-serving capabilities combine with the extensive mobile expertise and experience of the company’s management and staff to provide the highest possible return on mobile advertising investment for clients worldwide.

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